Impact Resistant Windows vs Hurricane Shutters: Which to Choose for the Best Hurricane Protection?

There are few forces in nature with the destructive potential, hurricanes and high-intensity tropical storms. And in recent years we have seen more and more of them blow through the south and east of the United States with devastating results. From flooding to complete home destruction and leveling, the impact of hurricanes is clear and obvious after the storm.  

As Hurricane Season approaches, business and homeowners can expect severe damage to their offices and homes, especially buildings with older roofs, poor initial construction, or locations that place them directly into flood zones.  Hurricane force winds can flip cars, lift mobile homes out of the earth, and topple electric poles, so it takes no great imagination to foresee the damage they can cause to glass windows. Normal glass windows are not designed to withstand the pressure of a hurricane.

This is where aluminum storm shutters and impact resistant windows come in to play a protective role in home security. Our shutters are specifically designed to survive even the worst storms on earth. When deciding between impact resistant glass windows vs. aluminum storm shutters, there are many factors to take into consideration. How can you know which of these two options best fits your needs?  


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Impact glass windows are the growing trend in hurricane protection in the United States. They are certainly a premier method of property protection, ever since their invention for use in car windshields by the automotive industry during the 20th century.

Originally designed to withstand head-on automobile collisions, impact glass windows can handle hurricane winds of up to 200 MPH, something that normal glass windows do not have a hope of withstanding.

Impact glass has the added benefit of pulling double duty as a home defense against property crime. While regular glass windows provide little deterrent to a committed criminal, impact glass windows are not going to allow a  would-be thief or looter easy access to your home, business, or valuables. After a few swings from a crowbar, they will soon move on to easier pickings.


The longtime standard in hurricane protection, storm shutters have seen use in any state that sees frequent hurricane activity. Installed over normal glass windows, the storm shutter is designed to protect the fragile glass underneath.

Comprised and composed of aluminum and steel, storm shutters are also available in wood models. This last variation, while obviously the most affordable, also offers the least protection during a severe storm or hurricane.

Storm shutters come in a variety of designs and models, from accordion models that roll out to protect your windows, to roll up/roll down shutters and heavy-duty commercial shutters designed for extra security to protect your business.


When deciding between impact resistant windows or storm shutters, the best option is BOTH. When impact windows are protected by aluminum storm shutters, the combination offers the most protection available during the monumental destruction of a hurricane.

Impact windows are more expensive, yet they do not need storm shutters over them to protect your property, while storm shutters are a lower cost option that still offers storm protection. When it is time to choose the perfect impact resistant window or storm shutter for your home from Signature Impact Windows & Doors, you will see that the products we offer in our inventory are not only priced to fit your budget, but are aesthetically variant to fit your home decor, personal style or style of the home design you currently have.

Whether you choose impact-resistant glass windows or storm shutters, your home will be protected during even the harshest storms. Your home is too important not to protect against the elements, make the simple decision to install impact-resistant windows and storm shutters for your home or business before hurricane season is in full swing.


Signature Impact Windows & Doors provides top quality products and services for hurricane protection. If you like what you’ve read, check out more blog posts about our impact resistant windows in Miami or call us today at 305-912-7493  for a free consultation on your upcoming project. You may also request a quote for impact resistant windows and doors online.