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Impact Resistant Glass With Signature

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Signature Impact Windows & Doors is a Miami-based company specializing in door and window replacement as well as installing new, impact-resistant products. Our products are diverse and designed to meet the tough building code requirements in the coastal area as well as extend the durability of your possessions. Choose from a variety of impact doors and windows with style options that are built to resist Mother Nature while offering design flexibility to help your home stand out.

Why Are Impact Windows and Doors So Important?

Much of the damage that occurs during a storm or hurricane is caused by various impact fractures to your house’s structural integrity – such as a failed door or a broken window. Impact fractures during violent weather conditions can lead to rapid air movement and catastrophic pressure equalizations. However, impact windows and doors are coated with laminated glass – which is what minimizes the probability of an impact fracture during a strong windstorm, thus keeping air pressure out and your home safe.

With these Impact windows and doors, you can have that beautiful look of an open layout without compromising on the safety and quality of your home’s structure. The key concern for homeowners who wish to install impact windows and doors is obviously the storm season and to put a stop to that, they provide protection against powerful winds and at the same time maintain the architectural integrity of your home.

With the availability of 100% financing, upgrading your home or business has never been easier! Plus, with us, you don’t have to worry about your credit history as our payment structures allows for a 18 month delay in full payment. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to improve your family’s health, safety, and comfort, and at the same time save big on your monthly energy bills.