If you live in Florida, without a doubt you understand the last three to four years have been filled with rough, tough, and overwhelming weather. The Florida hurricane season is intense and often unknown until it begins.

From Hurricane Matthew smashing through the Carolinas to Hurricane Irma and the path of destruction left and rounding off 2017 with Michael swarming through the panhandle last year, it seems like the south can’t get a break. So, what about the 2019 hurricane season? Is there any way to make accurate hurricane season predictions or is it up in the air?

We have gone over the details on what you can expect for 2019 hurricane season predictions and give insight into the forecast you can expect the rest of the hurricane season in 2019. Read along and find out what you can expect this hurricane season, and how you can prepare your home ahead of time!

florida hurricane season


Many Florida residents and tourists ask, “When is the hurricane season in Florida?” Hurricane season in Florida usually takes place June 1st through November 10th. Peak season occurs, generally speaking, between August and October, and according to a hurricane prediction for this year, it is likely to fall during the normal hurricane prediction timeframe.

That being said, predictions for the 2019 hurricane season in Florida are showing that this year, Florida residents and tourists will get a much-needed break. There are lower chances of catastrophic hurricanes we have seen in the last 3-4 years, according to Colorado State University’s Department of Atmospheric Science.


Experts at Colorado State University believe that with the mixture sea temperature at the surface to the annual El Niño happening, average or below average storms will develop and persist. Anywhere from 5-11 storms are predicted to occur as compared to the 2017 hurricane season when 18 storms were big and destructive enough to be named.

Until the season gets closer, there isn’t a true way to know just how many storms will roll through Florida and surrounding states. The estimates are leaning toward an “easier” storm season, but don’t be surprised if things take a turn at some point based on atmospheric temperature and sea surface temperature.


Regardless of the upcoming hurricane season predictions, it isn’t easy to fully prepare for the unknown, it is important to take preventative measures before the storm season starts. There is still plenty of time to take necessary precautions to protect your business and  home from the dreaded tropical storms that will occur this hurricane season.

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