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Windows For Home Portland OrWelcome to the online home of East Side Glass. Whether you need new windows for a business or windows for home, Portland OR is welcomed to call on us for all of their glass installation and repair requirements. Save our number and use it when you need it. 971.409.3510

When you’re planning a remodeling project, don’t forget about adding energy efficient windows. How much do you really know about your windows for home, Portland OR? Unless you know that you’ve got insulated vinyl windows, you are probably throwing money right out those windows. Older windows are big money wasters, because they allow cool, conditioned air out in summertime and they let heated interior air slip outside in wintertime. If you have too much money in the bank, go ahead and keep those old, inefficient windows. Maybe you like spending more for AC and heat than you need to. If that’s how you like it, we won’t argue with you. If, however, you are a savvy shopper who prefers to spend cash more sparingly, browse our catalog of windows for home Portland OR. Oregon is a wonderful place to live. You’ll like it even better here when your heating and cooling costs are reasonable.

Oregon is a big state with a variety of weather patterns. It can be frightfully hot in summer and chilly as all get out during autumn and winter. In springtime, the clear air may be rife with pollen. Old school windows don’t do much to deter weather or pollen from coming into your house. Energy efficient vinyl windows will. Let’s talk about your windows for home Portland OR options. New windows are a good investment and will save you money well into the future. When you’re ready to know more, give us a call or use the Contact form on this website. Ask us anything you want to know about energy efficient windows and doors.