Will Hurricane Impact Windows Break?

Preparing for a hurricane in Miami-Dade County means protecting your home with hurricane proof glass windows. Many homeowners have a lot of questions about the right kind of impact windows and doors for their home, and the most common one is, “Will my hurricane glass break?” The short answer? Yes. Like the windshield of a car, impact-resistant windows can break when struck by excessive force.

will hurricane impact windows break

How Is Impact Glass Created?

To determine how likely your hurricane-resistant windows are to break, let’s look closer at how they’re made. The outer layers of hurricane impact windows are glass, sandwiching an interior of strong, shatterproof polymer. When these layers are heat-fused together, they produce durable glass capable of withstanding wind speeds of up to 200 mph.

Florida hurricane assessments have determined that the most damage comes from structures being breached through the windows and doors. As a result, Florida building codes changed to require stronger reinforcement of these access points for both residential and commercial structures.

Can Impact Glass Break?

While impact glass can break, the presence of the polymer interior layer prevents the glass from shattering like a standard window. The glass may crack, but, like your car’s windscreen, it will remain in place. This protects your home from intruders or damages until you can replace the window.

However, it’s important to understand what impact-resistant glass cannot do. It’s not entirely impenetrable, such as with a bullet. Many homeowners also wonder if hurricane impact windows are worth it. If the double-paned windows don’t meet your local municipality’s building code for hurricane protection, then you may not be able to collect insurance for damages after a storm.

Repairing Broken Impact Glass

Fortunately, a reputable South Florida window contractor can quickly repair your broken hurricane windows like Signature Impact Windows. We can professionally assess the damage, carefully removing the broken parts. Then, we replace the damaged insert with a new piece of hurricane glass of the original thickness and size, protecting you from yet another storm.

Give us a call today at 305-912-7493 to find the right kind of custom hurricane-proof windows for you. We can replace your old windows or place windows in your new home construction. Give our friendly customer care team a call today or request a quote online!