Is it Time to Buy Windows Replacements?

Your home is one of your biggest and most important assets. Not only is a home a considerable investment for individuals and families, but it is also one that requires smaller investments in home projects, renovations, and replacements through the years. One replacement that is very important, that often gets put to the side, are windows replacements — but, how do you know when to replace windows?

Your house communicates in more than one way. So, noticing the signs of necessary repairs before major incidents occur will result in less time and money wasted. It will also allow you more time to research to find the best new windows and doors for your home’s needs (and your desires).

Windows tend to last a long period of time in homes. However, there are elements and factors that will dictate how often you should replace windows. For example, a home exposed to a lot of rain, snow, and extreme temperatures should be analyzed more frequently. This is due to the pressure and temperature changes those windows endure over the course of a season.


5 Signs that You Need Windows Replacements:


1. You Hear More Noise than usual Outside

Windows are critically important to protect you and your family from the elements. Good windows will also cancel out most noise from the outside world, giving you and your family peace and quiet.

A window that is in need of replacement will let more noise in through cracks or poorly installed glass. Double or triple pane glass will decrease the noise you experience from the outside world while keeping your family safe.

2. A Rapid or Gradual Increase in Your Energy Bill

This is a sure fire sign that your home needs new windows replacements. You will feel a breeze or a noticeable temperature changes between the seal of your window. This is definitely an indication that it is time to replace your window sealing, frame, or completely replace the window.

Drafts from the outdoors can cause your HVAC system to overload. Attempting to keep up with the temperature changes will certainly result in higher monthly energy bills.

3. Soft, Damaged or Chipped Frames in Need of Repair

If the window frames are damaged, you can assume you will need on a full window replacement. Soft water damaged wood or framing will cause the window to sag, bend, or even collapse. A chipped frame could be a result of an impact, wear and tear over time, or serious water damage. In the case of water damaged windows, it is important to check for rot, mold, or mildew.

4. Windows that are Stuck, Don’t Lock or are Difficult to Raise and Close

If your windows are difficult to open, close, or lock, it is time for window replacements. Not only do broken, loose or stuck windows cause frustration every time it is time to open or close, but the faulty window or lock also poses a major security risk to your home.

5. Condensation Between Panes, Frames, or Cracks

The presence of moisture or cracks is always a reason to jump on replacing your windows. Not only does water often point to a bigger sign of water damage, but it’s also a clear indication that the seals and frames have failed.

Cracks in your window pose risks for injury or security, and also can increase your energy bill costing you more money over time, when compared to the price of a simple replacement.

Who to Call for Windows Replacements in South Florida

When it is time for new windows replacements, call the experts at Signature Impact Windows & Doors. We are professionals who have been working in this industry for over 15 years. Don’t waste another minute with leaky, drafty windows! Give us a call at 305-912-7493 or request a quote online. You may also contact us online with any questions.