What are the Best Soundproof Windows?

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The Best Soundproof Windows are Made with Impact Glass

South Florida is a wonderful place to live. But with barking dogs; rush hour traffic; the population increasing; vast construction; and the constant need for lawn care and regular building maintenance services all around us, the noise from outside can become overwhelming. But the good news is that much of the outside noise can be minimized by installing impact windows and doors in homes and commercial buildings.

How Do Impact Windows Reduce Noise?

Impact windows (aka: hurricane windows or storm windows) are manufactured with two panes of impact-resistant laminated glass. In between the two panes of glass is an interlayer of polyvinyl butyral (aka: PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (aka: EVA) which are both types of plastic. The impact glass is a much thicker type of glass than traditional window glass, which is usually tempered or regular insulated glass. The middle layer material combined with the thicker glass helps to diminish sound vibrations and block noise from the exterior. In addition to the way impact windows and doors are originally manufactured, the way these products are installed also significantly plays a part.

Impact Windows and Doors are installed in a way that creates an airtight seal around the window and door frames; which lessens the likeliness of unwanted cracks and spacing within the frame. These intrusive gaps found in typical windows and doors allow more sound to make its way inside a structure.  Hurricane impact windows built for higher wind speeds will also have multiple panes of glass that intensify the ability to block out noises from outside.

Does the Type of Impact Window Frame Make a Difference in Soundproofing Windows?

The answer to this question is, yes. The sturdier the window frame is, the more resistant to sound it will be. When selecting the type and quality of impact windows and doors to install, it’s important to keep this factor in mind. A sturdy window and door frame mixed with high quality insulation will produce the best soundproof windows and doors.

Will the Window Coating Affect the Way a Window Resists Sounds?

The type of coating used on your impact windows will either increase or decrease the products ability to not only absorb sound, but will also make a difference in the window’s ability to conserve energy. Adding glass treatments, such as tinting and low-e coatings will help to reduce energy bills and further soundproof windows.

Proper Installation for Noise Proof Windows is also Important

One of the biggest mistakes made by home and commercial business owners is selecting the wrong contractor or window company to install impact windows and doors. In order for the best final product and installation, impact windows and doors MUST be installed correctly. When hurricane impact windows and doors are installed effectively and without careless cracks and unwanted spacing, noise will be best reduced; energy will be reduced with optimal savings and other unwanted mishaps.

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