Hurricane windows are windows created specifically to resist high-impact storms, fierce winds, and hurricanes. These window types obviously are referred to as ‘hurricane windows’ because they are the best windows for hurricanes.  Hurricane windows are typically produced with multiple layers of impact resistant glass and laminated (or tempered). The layers are placed in between shatterproof materials, such as polyvinyl butyral (aka: PVB). The objective of these types of windows is to prevent glass from breaking or shattering dangerously, creating a much safer environment for homeowners and business owners in hurricane-prone areas.

What is the Difference Between Hurricane Windows and Impact Windows?

Hurricane windows are specifically designed to help protect homes and buildings from the high winds, flying debris and heavy rainfall that accompanies hurricanes and severe tropical storms. Again, hurricane windows are referred to with the term ‘hurricane windows’ because they were created with the purpose of resisting hurricanes.

Impact windows are also impact resistant from flying debris and objects breaking through during severe storms and hurricanes. Impact windows are also manufactured with multiple layers of impact resistant glass and usually laminated or tempered (and also effective at resisting breaking or shattering). These types of windows are also often built with reinforced frames and secure seals to add additional protection from water leaks and dangerous winds.

Hurricane Windows vs Impact Windows

Although both impact windows and hurricane windows are exceptional products for areas with frequent extreme weather disturbances, hurricane windows typically have additional features to meet specific standardized testing required in regions, such as Florida, and other coastal areas that deal with repeat threats. This suggests that windows specified as ‘hurricane windows’ may have a broader level of protection. A tax credit for hurricane windows is often available for those who make the decision to install hurricane windows and doors in most of these types of climates.

What is the Average Cost for Hurricane Windows in Florida?

The cost for buying and installing hurricane windows in Miami and areas throughout Florida will vary on several factors: the type of materials used, size, level of impact resistance, manufacturer, and the requirements for installation must be considered. In recent years, the average cost for hurricane windows has ranged from approximately $500 to $1,500 per window. This estimated calculation includes the product, materials, and cost for installation.

Hurricane windows and doors may be more costly than traditional windows and doors but are imperative for protecting structures in hurricane areas. Therefore, it is a wise investment. These products also tend to significantly improve a home and building’s value and aesthetics. They also reduce sunlight, improve energy efficiency, increase security, reduce outside noise, and lower insurance premiums. Ask your local hurricane window contractor about a Florida hurricane windows program to help subsidize the investment. There are also some great options for financing hurricane windows available.

The Importance of Correct Hurricane Window Installation

DIY installation by homeowners who are not skilled, or selecting a contractor based on the lowest bid, are highly opposed by window manufacturers and hurricane window installation companies. In order for hurricane windows and doors to provide genuine Florida approved hurricane window protection (and remain in good condition), these products must be installed correctly. A certified and experienced hurricane windows installation company will also be able to help you to select the best types of windows and doors based on the structure and its unique requirements.

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