Home remodeling, decoration, interior design, and replacing old parts of a home can seem like an enormous undertaking, especially when it comes to replacing items like a window. Sure, most homeowners understand the importance of windows. A good window will keep the warmth or cool in and the weather and environment out, but have you ever considered the material used to make them?

Two of the most common materials in a selection for security windows include aluminum impact windows and vinyl impact windows. Both materials will do the trick — protect your home and precious interior from wind, rain, snow, sleet, and flying objects, but depending on where you live and what you want out of a window, it will save you time and money to look just a bit deeper into the pros and cons of each.

This article explores the difference between vinyl vs aluminum impact windows and will give you more information about the perks and downfalls of each before it is time for you to make your next selection.

Vinyl Impact Windows

Vinyl is an all around, aesthetically pleasing window that can be designed to fit just about any type of decorative or design style in a home. The thickness of the material generally causes the window to experience fewer chips and cracks, but are still not as strong as aluminum. The thick nature of vinyl is also a noise reducer, providing quiet indoors whether you are in the city or in the suburbs.

However, if you live in an area that is prone to extreme cold, high temperatures, or experiences harsh environmental conditions or disasters like flooding, blizzards, heat waves, and more, vinyl is notoriously the most energy efficient window on the market, and homeowners find energy bills to be lower because of the barrier vinyl creates sealing off the outside world from entering inside a home.

Pros: Better for the budget, more effective in extreme conditions, and aesthetically pleasing are the top three pros to these windows.

Cons: More expensive to install and maintain.

Aluminum Impact Windows

What is so great about aluminum? For one, the strength of aluminum is unmatched. Strong, durable, bendable, and costs far less than vinyl. Why the difference in price? Despite the strength and durability, aluminum windows are not as thermal resistant as vinyl ones. That often results in the window acting much like a conductor, either for heat or freeze.

Residents who live in areas prone to tropical storms, hurricanes, or own a commercial building that needs beefed up security should turn to aluminum impact windows for their ability to withstand even the harshest environmental conditions.

Be cautious, aluminum windows are also prone to leaks, which can result in costly water damage and rot down the line. Make sure windows are regularly checked and replaced at the first sign of dampness, wetness, or fog.

Pros: Cost effective and strong.

Cons: Heat or cold conductor, prone to leaks, and require repair more often.

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