The Different Types of Window Shapes Available with Impact Windows

When you are ready to choose the window shapes that function and look the best for your new home or office windows, you have plenty of window types to consider.

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Popular Types of Impact Windows

Hurricane glass windows come in several types:

Single Hung Windows

The single hung window is what many people think of when they call to mind a typical home window. These open only by raising the bottom of the window. Choose from wood, aluminum, fiberglass or vinyl single hung windows.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows offer more options for airflow. You can lower them from the top or raise them from the bottom.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged at the side and have a crank you turn to open the window outward. You can select from any number of casement window designs and sizes, from small casement windows to custom-made options.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are similar to casement windows, except they are hinged at the top. They still open outward with a crank. Awning windows are popular in rainy places like Florida because they can remain open during mild rainy weather.

Window Shapes Available for Impact Windows

Modern windows come in almost any shape you could imagine.

Here are some of the most common special shape windows:

  • 5 sided trapezoid windows
  • 90-degree triangle window
  • Arch window shape
  • Circle window
  • Doghouse shaped window
  • Eyebrow shaped windows
  • Eye shaped window
  • Fan-shaped windows
  • Gothic shaped window
  • Half circle window
  • Hexagon shaped windowHotdog shaped window
  • Octagon shape windows
  • Quadrafoil shaped window
  • Quarter circle-shaped windows
  • Trapezoid window
  • Triangle shaped windows

window shapes to choose from

With so many shapes to choose from, there is a window for every style and location. Odd-shaped windows look great in small areas. Impact geometric shape windows ensure you still get all the benefits of a hurricane-proof window without sacrificing style.

What Are Fixed Windows?

Fixed impact windows typically don’t have an opening. While they provide no ventilation, they are still functional in letting in natural light, and providing critical design elements to the building. Fixed window designs are popular in hard-to-reach areas to add interest even in areas where airflow isn’t necessary. Fixed glass windows are available in all shapes and sizes. For example, half circle-shaped windows are common choices for an arched area or over standard windows and doors. Hurricane impact architectural shape windows fix these locations well and provide security from storms.

Impact Window Installation

Quality matters when it comes to windows and who installs them. Signature Impact Windows & Doors in Miami has more than 15 years of experience in both residential and commercial properties. They offer only the best window brands available, including energy-efficient impact windows that protect your home or business from hurricane-force winds and other severe weather. We even provide impact window financing options for qualified customers. If you are considering replacing or upgrading windows  to your South Florida home and would like to discuss your options (including window shapes) call Signature Impact Windows & Doors today at 305-912-7493. You may also request a quote or contact us online with questions.