This Helpful Standard Windows Sizes Guide Will Make Window Shopping Easier

Whether you’re building your dream home or making some upgrades, the windows you choose will make a big difference in the amount of light, ventilation, and warmth your home receives. If you’re installing hurricane windows, you know you will be getting cost-effective and durable windows with UV protection

At Signature Impact Windows & Doors, we encourage window shopping with a purpose. When shopping for new windows, knowing your window dimensions is the best way to ensure that your window selection is accurate. Also, knowing how wide is a standard window will help you better gauge the appropriate size for your home. By using standard window dimensions rather than custom made window sizes, you will keep costs low and avoid paying unnecessary premiums. We’ve included an informative list of average window size measurements that will help you make better window decisions. 

What are Standard Window Sizes?

By now, you may be wondering. ‘What are standard window sizes?’. These sizes are typically provided by manufacturers as standard sizes that are appropriate for most homes. We take windows for granted since they are just a part of the houses we live in. Yet, your view of the outside world has a significant impact on your quality of life and is offered in average window sizes appropriate for most residences. 

The standard window width depends on what type of window it is. For example, a typical bedroom window is 24 inch by 36 inches, with varying larger sizes. This can vary even more with double-hung windows. However, when window shopping, the sizes are not displayed in inches. The notation of window sizes combines the width and height. So, a window that is 24 inches by 36 inches will read 2436. It’s also important to be aware that the actual window measurements are a ½ inch less than the whole notation. In this case, the actual measurements will come out to 23 ½ inches by 35 ½ inches. This happens because the manufacturer adds a ½ inch for easier installation. 

What About Double Hung Window Sizes?

Double-hung windows sizes are the most common window replacement and are typically found throughout the house. In fact, double-hung window sizes are the most popular in Florida. These too come in sizes ranging from 24×36 to various larger sizes. Specifically, window widths start at 24 inches going up to 48 inches. Heights range from 36 to 72 inches. Again, all sizes should be adjusted a ½ inch less for all window sizes. Double-hung windows are easier to clean, provide more airflow, safer, and come in a tilt in a style that can be cleaned from the inside. These are the most popular style of window. 

What About Casement Window Sizes?

Those windows that open from the sides are called casement windows and are the most effective for ventilation for those homes in warmer climates! While they are more effective than double hung window sizes in providing breeze and comfort for homes, they are comparable in price. Casement window widths are drastically different starting at 1 ft and 2 inches to 2 ft and 11 inches. Window heights start at 2 ft  and 5 inches to over 6 ft tall. 

Let’s Talk Picture Windows

When shopping for picture windows, you’ll find typical window sizes available with a wide range of options. Since these windows don’t open, they may be taller and wider than typical window sizes we’ve described. The ranges for both widths and heights start from 2 ft up to 8 ft. Other picture window heights include sizes between 18 and 62 inches. 

Shop for Windows in South Florida

If these options are not what you are looking for or you simply can’t locate your size, custom windows are always an option. Before taking the customized route, it’s a good idea to make adjustments to the rough opening for your window first. If this doesn’t work, then creating a custom window is the next step. On average, custom windows can take between 6 to 8 weeks to complete from manufacturing to installation. The cost for new windows will vary depending on what you are looking for but may be well worth it in the long run. 

Whatever your window needs are, Signature Impact Windows & Doors has you covered. Our impact windows and doors increase property value, provide hurricane protection, secure your cherished property from intruders, are energy efficient, and provide UV protection year-round. For more information on window dimensions or a quote, reach out to us today!  Ask about 100% financing!