Is Your Home Ready for Hurricane Season?

It’s important that you prepare your house for a hurricane ahead of time in South Florida. Waiting until the last minute not only creates a whole lot of stress, but it also adds risk! A hurricane is defined as a massive, violent storm system with extremely high winds and heavy rain that impact tidal systems and flooding in surrounding areas. Hurricanes form over warm oceans and make their way up coasts often leaving a path of devastating destruction.

In the United States, hurricane season varies from coast to coast. Atlantic hurricane season tends to peak in September but can strike anywhere between June 1st through the end of November. The United States Pacific coast is impacted by hurricane season between the months of May and November.

Cities and states typically impacted during hurricane season are equipped with storm warning systems that are used to warn citizens of an incoming hurricane preemptively. If you live in Florida, an area frequently impacted by hurricanes, and are prompted of an incoming storm, follow the following tips to prepare your home for hurricane season.

Steps to Take During a Hurricane Evacuation

If told to evacuate due to a hurricane, leave the area immediately and find refuge at a county specified hurricane shelter or in a safe location. Tune in to local emergency channels to get up to date information. Use a TV or radio to stay informed as to the path of the storm, your city’s instructions and plan accordingly.

The following are emergency broadcasting systems that are crucial to tune into during a hurricane:

What to Do Before a Hurricane Hits

Below are some must-dos to properly prepare for a tropical storm or hurricane to alleviate problems and hardship later:

  1. Contact Family Members: solidify how you will communicate with one another in the event of a power outage. Leverage social media to check-in and communicate if needed.
  2. Emergency Supply Kit: In addition to having an adequate supply of food and water available during (and after) a hurricane or tropical storm, you should also have some other important items available. You will want to be sure to have plenty of flashlights and battery operated candles (if possible). Obviously, you will also want to be sure to have plenty of extra batteries on hand. Take an inventory of the types of batteries necessary for the items within your emergency kit beforehand. Last, but definitely not least, don’t forget to include a First Aid Kit to have available. Emergencies often lead to injuries and accidents.
  3. Food and Water: These items will be top priority. You will always want to be sure to collect plenty of bottled  water and hurricane-efficient food and snacks. You will NOT want to wait until the last minute to go to the store for these important essentials. If you are new to a hurricane-prone area, you will quickly realize that within a few weeks of a hurricane or tropical storm supplies become hard to come by.
  4. Medication:  Prescription medication should be picked up in advance of a storm. You will want to make sure there is enough supply to meet the needs of those who are taking them in the event that they are unable to get more for up to a month (if possible). It’s a good idea to also keep on hand over-the-counter medications for pain relief and allergies.
  5. Vehicle Prep: Prepare your vehicle for the storm by making sure you have plenty of gas, as well as some other precautions. Again, keep in mind that gas may also become scarce as a storm gets closer. Therefore, be sure to plan ahead. Make sure your vehicle is up on its maintenance and in good working order. If there is a hard impact on the area where you reside, it could effect the ability to buy gas or get any type of vehicle maintenance or repairs for a while after the hurricane. Also, if possible, purchase extra gas in gas cans in case of an emergency (to prepare for any possible temporary gas shortages).  For those planning on using generators during power outages, additional gas will need to be collected for this also.  However, keep in mind the importance of the handling and storing any extra fuel with proper care. Many unfortunate and deadly circumstances in post-hurricane aftermath occur due to the mishandling of fuel.

Start Prepping Your Home for Impact

  • Cover Your Windows with Storm Shutters or Boards: One of the most important tasks involved to prepare your house for a hurricane is covering all windows and doors. All windows within a home or commercial building should be covered with hurricane shutters or boards which are cut to fit and attached correctly to resist a hard impact from storms. Protect the highest amount of surface areas possible. Move window A/C units and generators out of windows and out of window sills. During the storm, stay away from windows! Broken glass can cause severe injuries when propelled by high winds.
  • Preparing the Outside of Your Home: Bring any loose objects indoors from outside and away from windows and doors. High winds have the ability to lift and carry objects potentially creating damage to the exterior and interior of your home.
  • Natural Gas: DO NOT shut off your gas supply or gas meter if you are evacuating your home. Instead, you can shut off the gas supply at each individual appliance.
  • Sandbags: This is a technique you can do to prepare your house for a hurricane to prevent flooding. Simply place sandbags around the perimeter of your home.


How Do Impact Windows Make Homes Safer?

Installing impact-resistant windows before hurricane season begins will make a huge difference in your overall storm experience. By eliminating the need to board up windows, you’ve just reduced the stress involved in dealing with tropical storms and hurricanes by at least 50%!  Impact resistant windows and doors are specifically designed to withstand high impact from rain and wind. These windows and doors will withstand the pressure and force of debris flying and are designed to keep your family safe even during the most critical of times. Impact Windows and Doors also help to deter burglars and intruders from entering your home or business. This will be a huge benefit should you and your family be forced to evacuate.

how to prepare your house for a hurricane in South Florida

There is No Better Way to Prepare Your House for a Hurricane in South Florida 

Professionally installed impact-resistant windows and doors can be the difference between a home untouched by a storm or massive clean up and possible injury. To keep your family safe and retain your home’s value during hurricane season (as well as all year long), consider purchasing impact windows and doors in your South Florida home by reaching out to Signature Impact Windows & Doors.

Don’t wait! Prepare your house for a hurricane ahead of time and Request a quote online today! You can also give us a call at 305-912-7493.