If you are looking to increase your home’s value you might start looking at the condition of your flooring, deciding whether or not the interior or exterior of your house needs to be painted or possibly you are considering an addition to the home to increase square footage. While all of these are great ideas, they can become costly and time-consuming, especially when there are other, less expensive and time intensive areas, where your money can be spent, and your home value will increase.

Consider the condition of your home’s current windows. When was the last time they were updated? What kind of condition are they in (considering the environment you live in)? Are your home’s windows outdated? Are the screens in good working condition?

This article touches on why new windows increase home value and why your money is well spent upgrading your current windows to enhance curb appeal, functionality and heighten the overall interior aesthetics of your home.

Do New Windows Really Increase Home Value?

The short answer is yes! Unless you’ve recently moved into a new build, chances are your windows are in dire need of an upgrade! Updated windows will promote your home’s value in the following areas:

  • Energy Efficiency

Did you know that new doors and windows in your house can increase your return investment up to 70%? These windows are eligible for an energy tax credit. Not only that, many seals, untreated windows, and screens withstand wear and tear throughout the years. Cold and hot air from inside the home readily escapes (and vice versa) causing energy bills to become more expensive and wasteful.

  • Home Security

Installing impact-resistant windows aids in home security keeping your loved ones and possessions safe from a break-in. Impact resistant windows also help areas prone to extreme weather conditions by shielding your home from flying debris.

  • High-Quality Windows Provide UV Protection

UV protection will keep your family safe from harmful rays as well as keep fabric intact and protect couches and chairs from wearing from the sunlight.

  • Noise Reduction

Windows with built-in protection like impact windows have the ability to reduce outside noises. These windows cut out over 40% ambient and traffic noise.

How Much Value Do New Windows Add to a Home?

The actual cost depends on the installation completed. Installing impact-resistant windows will not only cut an energy bill in half, depending on the brand installed, but it increases curb appeal! On average, windows from qualified providers have the opportunity to create a return of investment of over 70% taking in the cost savings from energy and efficiency.

If you are in the market to sell your home, you will absolutely stand out of a saturated crowd with high-tech, high-efficient windows that will last far longer than standard windows. Signature Impact Windows & Doors have a reputation of delivering energy efficient, high-quality, aesthetically pleasing and impact resistant windows good for any climate or home project.

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