Miami Hurricane Window Protection

Miami is a city in Florida nestled in the South Atlantic region, making it prone to extreme hurricanes. Homeowners along the coastline should know how to protect windows during a hurricane.

miami hurricane window protection

Here are Some Ways to Protect Windows for Hurricane Season:

Construct Plywood Covers

Plywood is an affordable and popular choice for covering windows with boards and reducing hurricane impact. Choose plywood sheets with a thickness of at least 1.6 cm, which is strong enough to endure extreme storms.

Chop the plywood to exceed the windows’ perimeter by around 20 cm and bolt it. This helps prevent storm pressure from reaching and breaking the window glass.

Use a Hurricane Film to Cover the Window

A hurricane film is a translucent film that helps prevent wind from penetrating through the window while offering protection against glass shards. To install, homeowners should measure their window pane’s perimeter and purchase it to cover each window. They should remove the film from its backing and slowly stick it to the window panes.

Keep Windows Closed During a Hurricane

Keeping windows closed helps lower pressure inside the house and keeps strong pressure from the storm out of the home. This enhances home safety during the storm.

Install Plastic or Metal Storm Shutters

Storm shutters are panels that help prevent windows from the fierce hurricane or flying storm debris. They keep the windows safe from breaking due to storm impact.

Install Hurricane Impact Windows

Hurricane-proof windows offer unsurpassed protection against severe storms because they’re durable. These specialized windows are energy-efficient, which reduces energy bills and makes homeowners eligible for energy-efficient tax credits

Does Taping Windows Help During a Hurricane?

No, taping the windows won’t make them resilient to the extreme hurricane. It causes the glass to break into larger and more dangerous pieces, resulting in injuries. Of course, that’s assuming it gets impacted by the flying storm debris.

Are Double Pane Windows Hurricane Proof?

No, double pane windows are not hurricane-proof. They are constructed from two glass pieces with an air gap, making them vulnerable to breaking upon strong hurricane impact. Protect a double pane window and a single pane glass.

Do Homeowners Need Hurricane Shutters With Impact Windows?

No, impact windows are stand-alone products that don’t require anything else to protect them. They are durable and made to withstand all the forces from severe weather conditions, providing a long-lasting solution for mitigating storm damage.

What Are Energy-efficient Windows?

Energy-efficient windows are also called energy-saving windows. These windows are designed to reduce energy bills by offering excellent insulation to homes. They prevent cool or warm air generated by an air conditioning and ventilation system from escaping to the outdoors. They also prevent the scorching South Florida heat from entering the structure as easily because they help to protect from UV rays. This will also save the lifespan on furniture and other items within the interior of your home or building.

How to Make Old Windows Energy Efficient

  1. Use caulking to seal any gaps in old windows and prevent heated or cooled air leaks to the outdoors.
  2. Install an additional layer of glass to the old window to retain apt indoor temperatures.
  3. Install heavy window coverings or thermal curtains to keep a home warm and comfy.
  4. Add a layer of window film to improve the window’s efficacy and minimize the effects of conduction and convection.

What Are Some of the Best Brands for Miami Hurricane Window Protection?

Here’s a list of Miami’s best hurricane window brands:

  • Marvin Windows and Doors
  • Mr. Glass Doors & Windows
  • Lawson Doors and Windows
  • ESW Windows and Doors
  • Eco Hurricane Windows and Door

Find the Best Hurricane Windows for Your Miami Home

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