Miami Dade Hurricane Windows

Hurricane rated windows offer Miami homeowners an excellent way to protect their families during severe storms. They feature exceptionally resilient materials, providing an effective strategy for mitigating costly hurricane damages.

Other than offering window protection for hurricanes, these windows help to keep South Florida homes cool, comfortable, and energy-efficient. Below is everything Miami Dade homeowners should know about hurricane windows.

Miami Dade hurricane windows

How Can You Tell if Your Windows Are Hurricane proof?

Below are 4 easy ways homeowners can tell if their current windows are hurricane-proof:

1. Inspect for a Permanent or Frosted Mark in Any of the Glass Corners

The mark often includes the supplier’s name, thickness, date of manufacture, place of fabrication, and certifications or safety standards the glass meets.

2. Look for a Removable Label

It’s a temporary impact rating label that states the information mentioned above. The label is vital, especially when the window glass was cut during customization.

3. Confirm the Window Is Designed for Your Miami Dade Conditions

Examine the information obtained from the label. Ensure the safety standards and thickness meet or exceed Florida hurricane rating requirements. A professional hurricane window installer will help verify your windows.

4. Assess the Reflection in the Glass

If the window has no markings or labels, homeowners can hold an object or hand above the glass and examine the reflection. Hurricane-rated windows have two glass sheets, meaning they should see two different reflections.

Benefits of Window Tinting for Your Home

Window tinting a residential home offers the following benefits:

  • Window tints add an insulation layer, thus maintaining steady temperatures and reducing energy bills.
  • It protects the home from passersby and onlookers as the glasses appear dull.
  • The process improves home value by making the home elegant and fashionable.
  • Window tints block nearly 99% of UV rays and glare, protecting the homeowner’s family from possible skin cancer.
  • Home window tinting keeps the glass together in case of breakage, increasing safety levels.
hurricane windows miami

What Is a Picture Window?

A picture window is a large, stationary, or fixed window that doesn’t open up. It provides a clear, unobstructed, and perfect view of outdoor spaces. As the name implies, this window type highlights a home’s architectural element by acting as a picture frame that frames the outside environment.

What Is an Awning Window?

An awning window is one with hinges installed at the frame’s top, so it swings outwards from the bottom. Awning windows are easy to open, using a simple handle crank or slide operator tool. They are excellent options for homes that need extra light and ventilation.

What Is A Casement Window?

A casement window is a movable window attached to its frame by using one (or several) hinges or pivots. Hurricane impact casement windows are specifically mounted on the upright side of a vertically hung sash. They’re great for use with single or double panels.

What Is a Double Hung Window?

A double-hung or a double-sash window is a window with two operable sashes that glide up and down. The main operable parts of double-hung hurricane windows include the top and bottom sash. They open up to offer ventilation.

What Are Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl hurricane windows are windows made from a plastic material called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). They are affordable and offer incredible insulation. Since they are energy-efficient, vinyl windows usually provide tax incentives to homeowners.

How Long Do Vinyl Windows Last?

The life expectancy of vinyl windows ranges between 20 and 40 years, but this depends on prevailing climate conditions. Vinyl windows exposed to harsh sunlight for longer periods break faster than those in cool climate conditions. Such vinyl windows last for less than 20 years.

Can You Paint Vinyl Windows?

Yes, but it’s advisable to apply coat paint indirectly to the vinyl glass. Vinyl surfaces aren’t ideal for paint because the paint flakes and peels off faster. It’s vital to clean the vinyl windows and apply a primer coat before painting.

Are Aluminum Windows More Impact Resistant Than Vinyl Windows?

Aluminum hurricane windows are incredibly stronger and boast more impact resilience than vinyl windows. They are perfect for homeowners living in areas that experience frequent hurricanes.

Get the Best Windows for Hurricanes from Miami’s Leading Professionals

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