Miami Dade Hurricane Windows

Hurricane rated windows offer Miami homeowners an excellent way to protect their families during severe storms. They feature exceptionally resilient materials, providing an effective strategy for mitigating costly hurricane damages.

Other than offering window protection for hurricanes, these windows help to keep South Florida homes cool, comfortable, and energy-efficient. Below is everything Miami Dade homeowners should know about hurricane windows.

Miami Dade hurricane windows

What are Miami Dade County Hurricane Approved Windows?

Miami-Dade approved hurricane windows, are impact resistant windows that have been tested and approved to stand up to hurricane force winds and flying debris. These windows require some of the most demanding and strict building codes found throughout the United States pertaining to protection from severe storms and hurricanes.

To meet Miami-Dade approval standards, impact windows must endure rigorous testing to satisfy the requirements to resist intense, high wind pressure and prevent water intrusion. The windows are put through simulations to find out how they hold up to the highest levels of hurricane-force winds, and impacts from extremely large objects. Only windows that are successful in resisting these tests receive certification as Miami hurricane windows that are suitable to be used in homes and commercial buildings in this region.

What are the Features of Approved Miami Hurricane Windows?

Miami Dade approved hurricane windows will typically be manufactured with laminated glass that was specifically created to resist shattering from high impact windows and flying debris. These windows will also have reinforced frames and include heavy-duty hardware to help increase the durability of the window’s overall structure.

Hurricane windows in Miami that have been built and approved (to meet compliance measures with the Miami-Dade County Building Code Compliance Office‘s strict building codes and standards) will typically include a decal or label. These decals and labels help to identify that the product has undergone the necessary testing required to be classified as an approved Miami hurricane window. The label or decal is printed with the Miami-Dade County seal and other information (often this is the product approval number and name of the window manufacturer).

How Can You Tell if Your Windows Are Hurricane proof?

Below are 4 easy ways homeowners can tell if their current windows are hurricane-proof:

1. Inspect for a Permanent or Frosted Mark in Any of the Glass Corners

The mark often includes the supplier’s name, thickness, date of manufacture, place of fabrication, and certifications or safety standards the glass meets.

2. Look for a Removable Label

It’s a temporary impact rating label that states the information mentioned above. The label is vital, especially when the window glass was cut during customization.

3. Confirm the Window Is Designed for Your Miami Dade Conditions

Examine the information obtained from the label. Ensure the safety standards and thickness meet or exceed Florida hurricane rating requirements. A professional hurricane window installer will help verify your windows.

4. Assess the Reflection in the Glass

If the window has no markings or labels, homeowners can hold an object or hand above the glass and examine the reflection. Hurricane-rated windows have two glass sheets, meaning they should see two different reflections.

Miami Approved Hurricane Window Installation Services

Signature Impact Windows & Doors has been providing premium installation services for Miami-Dade approved hurricane windows and doors for years now! When you call on us to install hurricane window protection for your new home or commercial building, you can rest assured that your home or business has received the best hurricane window protection available in South Florida.

Call us today at 305-912-7493 or simply contact us or request a free quote online. We work some of the best hurricane window brands available. We are always happy to answer all of your questions and concerns. Convenient financing is also available.