Miami Beach Impact Windows

Miami Beach Impact Windows

Typical glass windows can’t withstand the harsh winds and flying debris that accompany many tropical storms and hurricanes. Impact windows provide your residential or commercial property with better protection from damage. Find out how these windows keep your property storm-ready at all times, so you have greater peace of mind.

Grants for Impact Windows in Florida

If you are considering installing impact windows but the initial cost is a concern, there may be some financing options available:

If you are unable to secure a grant, consider a loan instead:

Research all your options to find assistance to pay for  impact windows. They are a worthy investment that can save you money in the long term.

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What Is the Wind Rating for Impact Windows?

There are several types of impact windows available. Some of the strongest models are capable of resisting winds of up to 157 mph or higher. This rating means they can withstand even a category five hurricane.

How Are Impact Windows Made?

There are two unique elements of impact window design that make them so strong. First, impact windows use tempered glass. This material is four times stronger than normal glass. Second, these windows contain a center layer of PVB in between the glass panes that adds toughness and flexibility. PVB can prevent a window from shattering into jagged pieces and even stops cracks that form on one side of the glass from spreading to the other pane.

Are Impact Windows Stronger Than Shutters?

Some impact windows are, in fact, stronger than storm shutters. It depends upon the types of windows and shutters that you are comparing. Accordion shutters are a popular choice. They are a better option than boards to protect standard glass windows, but hurricane-proof glass is a better choice. They can withstand high winds, repeating impact, and offer additional benefits such as UV protection and noise reduction.

Are Hurricane Impact Windows Bulletproof?

The tempered glass of hurricane impact windows makes them sturdy and durable against high winds and impact from debris. Many home and business owners are opting for impact windows and doors to safeguard their property from both natural disasters and criminal intent. While they will deter an intruder from forcing entry into your home, they are not designed to stop a bullet.

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The Best Impact Windows

Signature Impact Windows &Doors has the best impact windows in Miami. Get high-quality glass windows and doors installed at your residential or commercial property.

The best impact windows are fully tested and meet the Miami Dade County impact window requirements.

The superior quality and protection offered by hurricane-proof windows have made them a popular choice for Florida residents. More properties are including them as a standard investment for new construction and storm preparation. Find out how installing vinyl windows in new construction can protect your property and give you greater peace of mind.

Hurricane windows installation in your newly constructed home, or updating the windows of your current home or business is a smart move. Call Signature Impact Windows & Doors today at 305-912-7493 to find out more about Miami Beach impact windows and doors installation. Let us help you find the best solution to keep your family and property safe from storms. You may also request a quote or contact us online.