Marvin Impact Windows and Doors in South Florida

Living in a coastal region is amazing until hurricanes hit. It’s essential for homeowners living in such areas to ensure the doors and windows withstand rough coastal conditions.

Marvin impact windows and doors are specialized to keep homes safe from harsh weather elements. These windows undergo rigorous testing to comply with Florida building codes. This ensures that impact windows provide efficient and reliable protection.

With 100 years of expertise, Marvin knows how to manufacture highly efficient impact windows and doors.

Marvin Impact Windows and Doors

Besides the storms, Marvin impact windows and doors offer excellent protection against:

  • Flying debris
  • Cyclic pressure
  • Potent UV radiation
  • Diving rain

Extreme temperatures

What Are the Different Types of Marvin Impact Windows and Doors?

Marvin Coastline Windows and Doors

Marvin Coastline impact windows and doors feature beautiful aesthetics and flexible designs. They provide extreme impact performance to protect coastal homes and storefronts. These coastal windows and doors have wide sizes to provide stunning panoramic views.

Homeowners can rest easy knowing their coastal homes and storefronts are safe, even during extreme hurricanes or storms. These large coastal windows or doors guarantee unmatched protection due to their durable extruded aluminum construction.

Marvin Ultimate Windows Series

The impact-rated Marvin Ultimate windows are ideal for property owners who care about their building’s integrity. They boast attractive aesthetics and artistry-grade construction, allowing for unmatched protection against strong winds.

Marvin Ultimate window series is available in the industry’s widest selection of styles, sizes, options, and shapes. It provides property owners unlimited design possibilities for their needs without compromising safety and protection.

The line is available in different products and configurations. Some of the most sought-after products in the ultimate series include:

  • Marvin ultimate clad windows
  • Marvin ultimate casement windows
  • Marvin’s ultimate double-hung windows
  • Black Marvin windows
  • Marvin glider windows
  • Marvin window sliding doors

Marvin Elevate Windows

The Marvin Elevate product line is known for providing choices in warm wood interiors and design. Each Elevate impact window and door in the collection is designed based on top-rated, in-demand features, styles, and finishes.

Elevate windows and doors work best with incredibly strong impact-resistant glass that offers special protection against severe weather conditions.

Property owners have peace of mind and confidence that their families, valuables, and homes are safe.

Some of the best available options in this collection include:

Where Are Marvin Windows Made?

Marvin windows and doors are made in Warroad, Minnesota. The facility sits south of the Canadian border and neighbors the Lake of the Woods.

Where to Buy Marvin Windows?

There are many Marvin window dealers in South Florida offering different product collections. Homeowners looking for professional Marvin window dealers in Miami should contact Signature Impact Windows & Doors today to request a quote.

Do Impact Windows Reduce Insurance?

Yes, installing impact windows reduces home insurance amounts by up to a 45% discount on premiums. These products offer the highest possible protection level, allowing homeowners to feel at ease about their safety.

Marvin Impact Windows and Doors

How Long Does It Take to Install Impact Windows?

It takes 1-3 days to install impact-rated windows and doors, but this depends on the project’s size and complexity. Experienced Marvin window installers handle projects in the shortest time possible and deliver excellent results.

Find a Reputable Marvin Windows Dealer in Miami Today

Signature Impact is a reliable coastline product line dealer in Miami. They offer exceptional Marvin coastal windows and doors that protect homes from extreme storms.

Their windows and doors meet the state of Florida and Miami-Dade County construction code to guarantee safety. Call Signature Impact Windows & Doors  today to learn more about their extensive Marvin Coastline windows and doors collection in South Florida. You may also contact us online. We can also help with impact windows financing.