Now that you’ve taken care of the installation of your Hurricane Impact Windows, it’s important to learn how to maintain and clean them. You’ve invested in superior protection for your home and you want to make sure it lasts. We get it! We have some easy tips for hurricane impact window care to ensure you stay protected for years to come. Here in Florida, we are no strangers to harmful weather elements and pride ourselves on being prepared and consistent.

Hurricane windows aren’t just any windows. High impact glass solutions are crucial to avoiding damaging the glass. These glass windows can easily be destroyed by abrasive materials. That’s why it’s important to take precautions when cleaning your hurricane windows.

8 Easy Hurricane Impact Windows Maintenance Tips 

Keeping your hurricane impact windows investment top-notch is not that hard but it will take some extra effort. Being mindful of how you clean your windows can make a big difference in their effectiveness over the long run.

Check out some of the best methods for cleaning impact windows below: 

  1. Always use the proper materials – to ensure that your hurricane window care is effective, you must always use the proper materials to clean them. For example, you may be used to paper towels for your glass and other windows, but using them on your high impact glass windows in your home is a no-no! You will need to incorporate high impact glass solutions on your hurricane windows that can thoroughly remove all moisture from your windows. Contrary to popular belief, paper towels just don’t do this and it is more imperative for high impact glass. Instead, use high-quality fiber wipes or towels, squeegee, high-quality nonabrasive cleaner, and a hose for your high impact windows.
  2. Windows should always be rinsed first – Before applying any product, always rinse your high impact windows first one by one. Taking this step first will allow you to loosen and remove some dirt and other build-up. Avoid doing this in direct sunlight because of water spots. 
  3. Use the squeegee – After giving your high impact windows a thorough rinsing, apply high impact glass solutions using the non-abrasive fiber cloths or wipes. These windows typically have special coatings that you’ll want to make sure to maintain by avoiding scratching the surfaces. Taking the extra step of applying a different microfiber cloth to even out any moisture is the best way to guarantee keeping this extra protective layer intact. 
  4. Carefully clean frames – High impact window glass is most often installed with aluminum frames. These frames should be approached with care as well since they are very susceptible to erosion. Additionally, you should apply a car wax solution to your frames on a yearly basis (do it after you’ve cleaned the frames). If not, it can result in sealing salt deposits that can erode your frames over time. 
  5. Remove screens before cleaning – This goes without saying but just as a quick reminder, it’s best to remove your window screens before cleaning and place them on a flat surface. Using a soft brush, a mild soap, and water combination gently remove any dirt. 
  6. Apply light oil lubricant to hinges – Using a light oil lubricant like mineral oil, olive oil, or hemp can help to preserve your window hinges, other mounting parts, and thumb turns. 
  7. Don’t forget your weather strips – Use a damp cloth and a mixture of mild soap and water on your weather strips, making sure to replace any that are damaged. 
  8. Routinely inspect your water drainage – Also referred to as “weep systems”, it’s wise to keep a regular eye on your water drainage systems and wipe them with a damp cloth and vacuum to remove excess dirt. 

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