Impact Windows Palm Beach

Impact Windows Palm Beach

Get the Premium Impact Windows in Palm Beach

When living in a hurricane-prone area like Palm Beach, homes and property can suffer significant damage. That’s why homeowners should look for protective alternatives to help keep their loved ones and property safe.

There are different alternatives, such as hurricane-proof windows and doors, boards, and shutters. The point is which one is better? If you are a homeowner and you are thinking of installing top Palm Beach impact windows, it is essential that you understand the pros and cons, so that you know if this is the right choice for you.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Impact Windows?


  • Protection

One of the most significant advantages of installing premium hurricane windows in Palm Beach is that you will add extra security to your home. These windows are made up of several overlapping panes, and because of this, they are more than twice as strong as a conventional window. This will prevent any malicious person from breaking them and gaining unauthorized entry into your home.

  • Visibility

Unlike hurricane shutters, when you install top-of-the-line Palm Beach hurricane impact windows, you will still be able to see out of your home. Other options such as hurricane shutters block visibility, negatively impacting your family’s well-being. Besides, the windows do not block the sunlight during the day. This will allow you to still take advantage of natural light, and you won’t have increased electric bills from having to turn on light bulbs during the day.

  • Aesthetics

You’ll find a variety of impact windows for your property on the market today. Top specialty dealers in the area like Signature have an incredible selection of models and options for you. This will allow you to maintain the aesthetics of your property while providing maximum security from natural events.

  • Value

Hurricane windows are an added value for your property. This improvement will significantly increase the value of the house. Keep in mind that in case you want to mortgage or sell your house, impact windows are one more argument to get the best possible price for it.

Cons of Impact Windows

  • Installation

One of the disadvantages of impact windows is that the installation process is more complicated than other alternatives such as hurricane shutters. Depending on the characteristics of the property, moderate work must be done to install hurricane windows. This could bring some complications to the family’s normal rhythm of life. However, the best installers, such as Signature, use procedures that allow the installation of the window with a top-notch result, while causing as little inconvenience as possible.

  • Price

The other notable disadvantage of impact windows is the price. Installing hurricane windows in your home is sure to cost significantly more than boards or shutters. The good news is that this is a great long-term investment, and you’ll avoid repeating the process of putting up and taking down external devices year after year.

Get the Premiere Impact Windows in Palm Beach

If you want to provide the most extraordinary protection for your property by installing the finest impact windows, you’ve come to the right place. Signature is the region’s premier installer of hurricane protection for homes and businesses. We are ready to provide you with world-class service. Contact us.

Impact Windows Palm Beach

Benefits of Impact Windows Palm Beach

 impact windows palm beachImpact windows or impact-resistant windows are a necessity in a storm or hurricane-prone areas such as Florida. They are designed to offer additional layers of protection against strong winds and floating debris. They look like regular windows but feature unique construction. Two panes of impact-proof laminated glass are bound together with polyvinyl butyral. A silicone glazing process marries the panes to heavy-duty frames to prevent them from breaking away. …

Choosing The Best Impact Window

Impact windows are heavily combined duty-frames with impact-resistant laminated glass and a special silicone glazing process that keeps the glass from breaking away from its frames.Though wind-borne debris may crack the glass, the interlayers keep the overall window intact thereby preventing destructive winds from damaging your homes. Impact Windows in Palm Beach are a very important asset.Importance of Choosing The Best Impact WindowPurchasing or getting an Impact window is a huge endeavor. These are some …

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