Impact Windows Installation in South Florida

Impact Windows Installation by Signature Impact

Why Install Impact Windows?

As anyone who has lived in Florida knows, the state is subject to regular hurricanes and tropical storms. These storms can cause extensive damage to property and danger to life. As a result, Florida state building codes now mandate that either impact windows or hurricane shutters be used when building or remodeling homes, offices and commercial properties.

So, if you’re in the South Florida area and engaging in a new building project or thinking of replacing your windows, you’re probably considering impact-resistant windows. Therefore, you will want to use the best impact window installers who are skilled in the proper installation of impact windows. So, what are the benefits?

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Benefits of Impact Resistant Windows

An additional benefit to installing impact windows is that they are the best energy saving windows. The layered nature of the glass means that they are particularly effective at keeping the heat in. With energy costs continuing to rise, this alone is a great reason to use impact resistant windows.

Other benefits of impact windows installation include:


What is Impact Resistant Glass?

Impact-resistant glass comes in four different types, each of which is characterized by a different interlayer or laminate procedure. The glass in hurricane-resistant windows is made from an interlayer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB), set between two sheets of glass. PVB is a resin used for toughness and flexibility and prevents cracks from spreading between layers by adding extra flexibility.

What Category Hurricane Can Impact Windows Withstand?

The latest impact windows can now withstand Hurricane Category 5 winds, as well as much of the debris that goes with it.

Can impact windows stop a bullet?

Impact windows have been known to stop bullets or alter their trajectory. The answer would depend on the caliber and velocity of the bullet, and your impact windows might indeed stop small-caliber fire. However, this is not their primary design function, and you should not rely on them for this purpose. They will stop wood debris traveling at 200mph, though!

What is the Difference between New Construction and Replacement Windows?

As you would expect, new-construction windows are generally used when building a new structure, replacing a wall, or adding an extension to a building. New-construction windows have flanges or fins that fit into the wall and are very robust. In contrast, replacement windows are smooth-edged for easy insertion. New-construction windows are generally more durable and preferred in areas where hurricanes are prevalent.

New construction windows can be used as replacements. However, it is harder to install them as work will have to be done on the surrounding brickwork.

Best Impact Windows Installer in South Florida

So, when replacing windows in your South Florida property, or if you’re building a new development, you need to choose the best impact windows available. At Signature Impact Windows & Doors in Miami, we have the best quality vinyl windows for new construction, and the best energy-saving windows. Our team is well trained in the proper installation of impact windows.  Call 305-912-7493 today to discuss your requirements and for a free quote for impact windows installation in South Florida.  You may also contact us online.