Impact Windows in West Palm Beach

Impact Windows in West Palm Beach

If you are concerned about the structural integrity of your property during and after a severe storm like a hurricane, then impact windows can offer you security and peace of mind.

Hurricane Proof Front Doors and Windows

The main advantage of hurricane proof windows is that they can withstand severe weather. Hurricane-force winds and flying debris are usually no match for the reinforced tempered glass.

If you are wondering, will hurricane impact windows break? The answer isn’t quite so simple. While they are meant to hold up under greater pressure and more severe impact than normal glass windows, they are not indestructible. Tempered glass is less likely to shatter quickly, but it can still be broken under extreme circumstances and excessive force.

Impact Windows Reduce Insurance

Do Impact Windows Reduce Insurance?

One of the many benefits of impact windows is the potential to save you money. One of the ways they can do so is by reducing your property insurance rates. Impact windows provide a lot of value. They lower the risk of sustaining damage during a storm, provide UV protection and reduce energy costs, and make your home safer from intruders.

These benefits make your property less of a risk to insure, allowing you to get the coverage you need and desire at lower rates.

Hurricane Impact Window Installation

Installation for impact windows and doors is best handled by a reputable company that has the experience to complete the job with quality work. A skilled contractor can survey your property and offer you suggestions on the best products and services to meet all of your needs.

Impact windows manufacturers in West Palm Beach supply the local impact windows companies with high-quality materials. They are used in both commercial and residential jobs to provide greater safety and protection from storms. They are some of the best window brands for new construction and replacing old windows.

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Palm Beach County Hurricane Impact Windows Taxes

There are some potential tax benefits to be had when you choose to install hurricane impact windows in your home or business.

First, they may be exempt from sales tax if you purchase the product and installation from a qualified contractor. Second, there is the additional potential to qualify for a tax credit. All home improvements that are listed under the U.S. Department of Energy Standards may be eligible. Hurricane impact windows may meet these guidelines since they are also energy efficient. The type of glass that is used can save you as much as 50% on your energy bill. Check with a local impact window company or tax preparer to get more information and see if your situation meets the requirements for the tax credit.

Impact windows have become standard in many places in southern Florida. The frequency of severe storms means that the added protection and safety from these windows make them an excellent investment. Protect your property from potential damage by exploring the options available to you. Impact windows come in aluminum, vinyl, and wood, so there is a style to match any aesthetic and preference.

Impact Window Installation in West Palm Beach

If you are considering buying impact windows in West Palm Beach or the surrounding areas, give Signature Impact Windows & Doors a call at 305-912-7493 or simply contact us online. We offer some of the best brands of impact windows in the area.