Impact Windows in Palm Beach

Impact Windows in Palm Beach

Severe weather can pose a danger and cause costly damages and risk of injury to your loved ones. Protect your family and property investment by installing impact windows.

Palm Beach County impact windows give you added safety and security. Not only do they withstand hurricane-force winds, but they also protect against intruders and have a whole range of additional benefits.

What are Impact Windows Made of?

Impact windows are made with tempered glass which is four times stronger than regular glass. The most popular version has an extra layer of polyvinyl butyral sandwiched between two glass panes that makes the windows more flexible and durable. The result is a window that is strong and offers enormous value for your home or business.

The benefits of hurricane impact windows include:

Impact windows in Palm Beach can save you money and give you greater peace of mind. They are an excellent investment for all Florida residents.

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What Are the Different Types of Impact Windows?

These windows are available in three materials. There are vinyl, wood, and aluminum impact-resistant windows.

You can also select from several styles. Double-hung windows can be opened from the top and the bottom. Choose to lower the top or raise the bottom. A full-sized window screen prevents insects from entering your home.

There are also casement windows that are hinged on the side, and awning windows that are hinged at the top. Both of these types open out by turning a crank.

Are Impact Windows Soundproof?

Another great benefit of high end impact windows & doors is that they are capable of reducing noise by 40%. They block out the sounds of storms and other bothersome noise from outside. Impact windows also reduce the amount of noise that escapes your home so you don’t risk angering your neighbors.

Impact Windows Installation in Palm Beach

Impact windows products and services are best handled by a professional. An expert contractor like Signature Impact Windows & Doors has the knowledge necessary to offer you valuable advice and complete the job safely. Discuss what you want to achieve and learn about product and service options that can bring your vision to life while protecting your family and investment.

Signature Impact Windows & Doors uses products that are fully tested and adhere to the Palm Beach County impact window code. High-quality materials and skilled installation result in a beautifully finished project that will leave you fully satisfied.

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