Impact Windows in North Palm Beach

Any property owner living in Florida should consider the benefits of investing in impact windows. They provide protection from hurricane-force winds, pressure changes and repeated impact from flying debris. Once the windows are installed, the building is protected 24/7, without needing other storm-proofing measures.

Impact Windows in North Palm Beach
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What Are Impact Resistant Windows?

Impact-resistant windows for hurricanes are made of two layers of tempered glass with a middle layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). Tempered glass is four times stronger than regular glass, and the PVB resists shattering. If the window happens to break, the glass cracks into a web-shaped pattern or breaks into large pieces, which are far less hazardous than shards of regular glass.

You can tell if a window is impact glass in several ways. Typically, it will be marked with either permanent etchings or a temporary sticker label. Impact glass is also thicker than regular window glass, measuring between 7/16” and 9/16”. Since it has several layers, when you look for your reflection, there should be an outline instead of a whole image.

Key Facts about Impact Windows

Upgrading to hurricane resistant windows provides many benefits. One of the great things about impact glass is that it makes preparing windows for hurricane season easy. Once the impact resistant window is installed, your property is protected. You no longer need to worry about making time to hang shutters or board up your glass when a storm approaches.

Another great feature is that hurricane impact windows are energy-efficient, cutting the cost of your energy bills. Multiple layers of glass used to make impact windows, combined with the heavy-duty frame, results in better temperature control so there is less energy required to heat and cool the space.

impact windows in North Palm Beach

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Can Impact Windows Withstand Category 5 Hurricanes?

Hurricane impact windows aren’t bulletproof, but they have some serious strength and durability in the face of hurricanes and tropical storms. Impact windows are manufactured and tested to withstand wind speeds of over 157 mph, which marks a Category 5 hurricane, and some to withstand up to 200 mph. Impact windows also undergo testing to determine they can resist pressure and impact from projectiles.

When you’re ready to upgrade, look for the best brand of impact windows available. It’s good practice to do your research and talk to your installation company to learn about the best storm windows in Florida. Marvin is a trusted windows brand that is known for providing quality customer satisfaction.

Are Impact Windows Required in Palm Beach County?

The Florida Building Code requires all structures within a mile of the coastline to have impact windows or shutters. However, the area of Palm Beach County has additional guidelines to meet since it is located in a High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ). Structures in these zones require products made to resist higher wind speeds of up to 200 mph. The distance from the coast, proximity to large open spaces, and height of the building determine the exact products needed.

Impact Windows and Doors Installation Services in North Palm Beach

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