Impact Windows in Miami Lakes

Impact Windows in Miami Lakes

Impact windows use a type of tempered glass that is four times stronger than regular glass. They are able to resist hurricane-force winds and withstand blows from debris buffeted about by storms. These hurricane-proof windows are highly durable, beautiful to look at, and can save you a lot of time, money, and worry. They are a worthy investment for any type of property.

Impact Windows miami

Benefits of Impact Windows and Doors

While the initial impact windows prices in Miami may be higher than regular windows, the long-term benefits of these windows and doors will more than make up for the added cost:


Impact windows are safer and more durable than most windows. They are manufactured to last through Florida’s tropical storms, hurricanes, and more.

Visually appealing

The windows are available in wood, vinyl, or aluminum. Choose the style and material that fits your property and aesthetic preferences the best.

Reduce property insurance

You can enjoy lower rates on your property insurance when you install impact windows that lower the risk of sustaining damage.

Increase property value

The many advantages of impact windows, especially in an area like southern Florida, add value to your property.

Reduce noise

Impact windows are effective at blocking up to 40 % of outside noise.

Provide UV protection

The windows protect from harmful UV rays. They are also energy efficient and can reduce the cost of your energy bills.

Increase security

Force-entry resistance glass keeps your family and home safer from intruders.

Eliminate the need for storm shutters

Impact windows are strong enough to withstand strong winds and debris, making it unnecessary to constantly hang and remove your storm shutters.

With so many benefits, there is no reason not to invest in impact resistant windows!

Impact Windows Government Program

If you are concerned about the cost of the purchase and installation of your new impact windows, there may be assistance available to you. The Florida PACE program offers financing options for projects that are used to upgrade a property so that it runs more efficiently, and in a cleaner fashion. The PACE Program covers 100% of the upfront cost. You will replay the amount at a low interest rate.

Some window installation companies, such as Signature Impact Windows & Doors, offer 100% financing to customers. You can contact them to discuss your project and find out more about the available impact window and door financing programs.

Impact Windows miami

Impact Window Contractors in Miami Lakes

Signature is a reliable impact resistant windows and doors installation company. They have served Miami and the surrounding areas for over 15 years.

You can be assured that your new purchase will meet the Miami Dade County approved impact windows guidelines. Signature Impact Windows & Doors uses only the best rated windows for new home construction and replacement. The materials undergo heavy testing to ensure they meet the American Society for Testing and Materials standards, as well as local building codes.

Your impact windows and door installation will be completed by a skilled and experienced contractor who has the knowledge to finish the job safely. Take advantage of their expertise to ask your questions and get advice to ensure you are fully satisfied with the results of your project.

Call Signature Impact Windows in Miami today at 305-912-7493 for a no-obligation estimate; to get more information on our hurricane-proof windows; find out how they can protect your family and your property; or ask about our available window and door financing options! You may also request a quote online.