Impact Windows in Kendall

Impact Windows in Kendall

If you have been a Florida resident for any length of time, you already know the importance of staying prepared for serious weather. Hurricanes and tropical storms are common and can bring destructive winds, hail, torrential rains, and other concerns. Thankfully, impact windows protect from these harsh storms.

Impact Windows Benefits

Impact windows in Miami Florida are a smart investment for both your residential and commercial properties. Impact windows & doors have quite a few advantages:

Miami hurricane impact windows save you money from expensive damages. Avoid long waits for necessary repairs, or worry over the cost by taking action now to protect your property.

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Different Types of Hurricane Impact Windows

Impact windows are available in three main types; aluminum, vinyl, and wood. Aluminum is the strongest material and the other two offer superior insulation. Consider what features are most important to you, as well as any preference you have for the appearance. Each of these types of windows offers protection from hurricanes and other severe storms.

Impact Window Designs

These windows are available in several designs at Signature Impact Windows, so you are sure to find one that meets your style and requirements:

  • Hurricane impact casement windows offer superior ventilation. They have hinges on one side of the window panel and open outwards by turning a handle.
  • Awning windows operate similarly. They also open out with a crank but have hinges at the top. This design allows you to keep your windows open even when it’s raining, although you must close the windows during severe weather.
  • Double-hung windows are the third options to choose from. A full-sized window screen keeps insects out whether you open the window by lowering the top or raising the bottom.

The type of window design that is best depends upon your aesthetic requirements and the layout of the space. Your contractor can offer suggestions and help guide you to make the right choice.

Are Double Pane Windows Impact Resistant?

Standard double-paned windows are not impact-resistant. While the glass is designed and tested for better energy efficiency, it is not rated or meant to withstand hurricane-force windows or repeated impact. Traditional window construction uses two glass panels that have an air-filled gap in between. They are not made from tempered glass and also lack the inner layer of polyvinyl butyral that gives impact windows their strength and flexibility.

Impact Windows Installation in Kendall

When you are considering installing impact-resistant windows, you must hire a skilled and knowledgeable company such as Signature Impact Windows & Doors. They have more than 15 years of experience and a commitment to performing high-quality and safe work, using superior materials.

Invest in the best for your home or commercial space. Hurricane proof windows offer protection for your loved ones from severe storms and keep your financial investments secure and safe from costly damage.

Get ready for South Florida hurricane season ahead of time! Call for a no-obligation estimate today for impact windows in Kendall at 305-912-7493. You may also request a quote or contact us online.