Impact Windows in Delray Beach

Impact Windows in Delray Beach

If you are concerned about the possibility of storm damage from hurricanes and other severe weather, then impact windows could be the solution you need.

What Are Impact Rated Windows?

Impact-rated windows use tempered glass, a material that is four times stronger than regular glass, and reinforced frames and hardware. The most popular version of impact windows uses a layer of polyvinyl butyral resin for added toughness and flexibility. PVB prevents the glass from shattering as quickly as normal glass and stops cracks that form from reaching the other side.

Impact windows undergo testing and are ISO-certified. They meet local building codes for safety as well as high-velocity hurricane zone requirements (HVHZ).

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What Can Impact Windows Withstand?

Impact windows are specially designed to withstand hurricane-force winds, intense pressure, and repeated impact from debris. They are an excellent investment that can prevent costly damage and keep your family safe.

Do You Need Hurricane Shutters with Impact Windows?

One of the many benefits of impact windows is that you no longer need to use hurricane shutters. Your new windows are strong and durable. They offer 24/7 hurricane protection and security without the need to install additional measures when a storm approaches. Once you install impact windows, there is no need to expend the time and effort required to hang bulky shutters or store them away for next time.

Are Impact Windows Burglar Proof?

The glass used when manufacturing impact windows is force-entry resistant. It is not easily broken and will help to protect your property from burglars. This added safety and security is one of the reasons why impact windows can get you a reduced rate on your property insurance premiums.

Is There a Hurricane Impact Windows Tax Credit?

Impact windows are highly insulated and energy-efficient. They help to regulate the temperature of your home and can even save you up to 50% on your utility bill. You can also enjoy a lower tax bill. There are tax credits that you may be able to claim if you install impact windows that meet the requirements of energy-saving upgrades.

What Is the Average Cost of Impact Windows Installed?

The initial cost of impact windows is normally higher than standard glass windows. However, they are cost-effective when you consider all the long-term benefits they provide. Costs can range from $300 for a small window, to upwards of $2,000 for large windows. The average cost works out to around $62 per square foot to have impact windows installed. An entire home can cost anywhere from $2,500 to more than $13,500.

The cost of installation depends on the number of windows you are having installed, their sizes, and locations. It’s best to get a quote from a reputable impact windows and doors company to get a more exact estimate for your particular needs. Hurricane-resistant impact window installers, Signature Impact Windows & Doors offers free quotes to customers.

If you are concerned about the cost, there may be help available from a Palm Beach County impact windows program. There are local and national weatherization programs that assist with making a home more energy-efficient and address safety issues. You can also get help by applying to the Property Assessed Clean Energy Program. PACE gives loans to fund some energy-saving projects. If you are eligible for the loan, they will cover 100% of the upfront costs. You will then repay the balance at a low interest rate.

Impact Window Installation in Delray Beach

Signature Impact Windows &Doors also has several financing options available for qualifying customers. They have over 15 years of experience and can help you choose the right type of windows for your project.

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