Impact Windows in Boynton Beach

Impact Windows in Boynton Beach

If you want to protect your home or commercial property from the damaging storms that often sweep through Florida, then impact windows are a great choice and a wise investment. These attractive windows are designed and tested to withstand hurricane-force winds. They are available in eye-catching styles that offer superior storm protection while also reducing noise and blocking harmful UV rays.

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What Are Impact Windows?

Impact windows are made from tempered glass that can withstand the pressure and force of hurricanes and tropical storms. Tempered glass is four times stronger than regular glass panels. Another design feature that increases the flexibility and strength is the inner layer of polyvinyl butyral between the two glass panels. PVB keeps the glass from shattering into harmful shards, which is another aspect of impact window protection that can be invaluable during a storm.

Can Impact Windows Break?

Impact-proof windows are an excellent option for any area that is prone to severe weather. The tempered glass and added layer of PVB make these windows more flexible and highly durable. They are extra tough and are less likely to shatter. On rare occasions, an impact window can break. The glass is more robust than regular glass, but extreme hits can still cause breakage. If an impact does damage the glass, it will generally crack and form a spider web pattern instead of breaking into dangerously sharp pieces.

Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows

Residential and commercial impact windows and doors can withstand both high wind pressure and repeated impact. They are aesthetically pleasing and can even increase your home or business’s curbside appeal.

While hurricane impact windows are valued for their toughness and ability to protect your property from storms, the cost savings are also significant. Force-entry resistance glass not only lessens the chance of sustaining costly damages, but it also lowers the risk of theft. The increased safety could get you a discount on your insurance of up to 45%.

Impact windows are great for regulating the temperature of your home or business. You may be able to reduce your electricity bill by up to 50% due to the increased energy efficiency these windows offer.

With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder that Florida residents are choosing to install impact windows more often.

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Installing Hurricane Impact Windows

When you are searching for an impact windows contractor in Boynton Beach, look no further than Signature Impact Windows and Doors. They have been serving the area for over 15 years and are one of the best hurricane impact window companies in South Florida available.

Be confident in your choice and know that you will receive high-quality windows with a fast and safe installation. The team at Signature Impact Windows and Doors has the expertise to handle any job. Take advantage of their knowledge and skills to get advice on your project. You will be fully satisfied and pleased with the results.

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