New Construction Impact Windows

Impact Windows for New Construction Projects in South Florida

There’s no better company to turn to for new construction impact windows in South Florida than Signature Impact Windows & Doors. We’ve been providing this region with quality, customized impact windows and doors for over ten years. Today, we are giving special attention to products for high rise apartment windows and impact windows for new homes being built.

Impact Windows for New Construction Projects in South Florida

New Home Windows and Doors

In Florida, homes and buildings must be prepared for the potentially disastrous hurricanes and tropical storms that so frequently come through our state. That’s why new homes and buildings should put at the forefront of planning to build new residential and commercial structures with windows and doors resistant to high winds and debris.

What Wind Speed Can Impact Windows Withstand?

Some of the most common questions we receive from customers is ‘Do impact windows break?’ and ‘What makes a window hurricane proof?’  The answer is that impact windows are the most reliable type of window you can install to be ready for dangerous, Florida storms. However, the ability to withstand the wind power is dependent upon the level of hurricane windows and doors that are purchased. Hurricanes are categorized by wind speed miles per hour. Hurricane impact windows are designed to withstand various forces. And the best impact window and door products available at Signature Impact Windows & Doors in Miami have the ability to endure wind pressure up to +55/-65 pounds per sq ft.

Impact Windows for New Construction Condos in Miami and throughout South Florida

This year, Florida has implemented new laws to ensure the safety and long-term maintenance of condominium buildings across the state. The legislative changes for SB 154 introduced, within the concept of Structural Integrity Reserve Studies (aka: SIRS, 718.112(2)(g), added components to be considered; and windows and exterior doors are among that list. Windows and exterior doors in areas accessible to all residents, such as lobbies and mezzanines on lower floors are the responsibility of the building associations. Nonetheless, windows within the individual units are also required to have high impact wind resistance in ‘wind-borne debris’ regions. The 2023 Florida Building Code, Building, Eighth Edition | Chapter 24 Glass and Glazing provides specifics on the types of impact glass necessary for units based on where the condominium or building is located.

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The Benefits of Choosing Impact Windows for New Construction

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Property Insurance

New construction in South Florida is at an all-time high. Home owners and building associations are finding it more and more difficult to obtain property insurance due to the many recent hurricanes and tropical storms that have hit this region. In coastal areas and other classified ‘wind-borne debris’ regions, high impact glass windows are required. However, in order to maintain safety and to keep insurance costs down, the best way to protect property investments is to use high impact glass when installing new construction windows or retrofit windows.

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New construction projects in Miami are underway and builders are selecting to install hurricane impact windows verses regular windows. Not only is this to improve the buyer’s safety, but to have a better product to sell. The same is true for new construction homes in Palm Beach County and new home construction in Broward County. Impact window manufacturers work with general contractors and engineers to customize impact windows that meet the needs of each unique home or building. There is a long list of benefits for installing impact windows and doors.

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Enhancing Features

Signature Impact Windows & Doors has been assisting with impact windows and doors for Miami new building construction and single family home construction for years.  Our high impact front doors and windows not only protect from vicious hurricanes and storms, but also from intruders. These window and door products are also wonderful for reducing outside noise; minimizing the amount of sunlight that enters into a home or building; and helping to lower energy bills.

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