Impact Windows Financing in South Florida

Hurricanes can cause significant damage to a structure. Shattered doors and windows not only let in the elements and clear the way for further damage to the interior of the building, but the sharp glass is dangerous. Impact windows protect against hurricane damage. Learn more about the benefits of impact glass and financing for impact windows to make installation more affordable.

impact windows financing in South Florida

What Are Impact Windows?

The main benefits of impact resistant windows and doors are increased durability in severe weather, improved energy efficiency and decreased noise. The windows also block UV light, make it more difficult for intruders to break in, and can lower insurance premiums.

Hurricane impact windows work because of their construction. They’re made with a heavy-duty frame and a layer of polyvinyl butyral sandwiched between two panes of tempered glass, making them four times stronger than regular glass windows. As they can withstand hurricane-force winds and repeated impact from debris, impact windows don’t need shutters.

The impact glass used in hurricane rated storm windows can hold up against Category 5 hurricanes, but it’s not unbreakable. If excessive force does manage to break the glass, it cracks into large pieces or forms a web-like pattern instead of shattering.

Impact Windows miami

Different Types of Hurricane Impact Windows

Impact windows come in the following types:

There are different grades of impact windows, so it’s important to understand the features of the product you purchase. Standardized tests determine the pressure rating and level of impact resistance, such as the Large Missile Impact Level “D” test and the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone certification.

Best Way to Finance Impact Windows

The average cost of impact windows depends on your project. The price varies according to the size, style and number of windows you have installed. Averages usually range from $100 to over $2,000 per window.

Common Financing Options

Property owners looking for hurricane impact windows financing have several options:

Each has its benefits and can help cover some or all of the installation costs.

Impact Window Installation

Expertise in installing Hurricane impact windows in large buildings and high rises

New Windows and Doors Tax Credit

There are other ways besides impact window financing to offset the cost. Property owners that install energy-efficient impact windows that meet upgrade guidelines can get a credit on their income taxes.

Impact windows are a good investment. They cost more to install, but with window and door financing, the price is worthwhile. Impact windows provide a wide range of cost-saving benefits like damage prevention, lowered energy bills and higher resale value.

It’s essential to explore the financing opportunities available because the Florida Building Code states that impact windows are required in Florida in certain areas — where South Florida has the strictest guidelines. Impact windows are required in all buildings located within a mile of the coastline and must undergo testing to withstand higher wind speeds of up to 200 mph.

Impact Windows Financing Options in South Florida

South Florida hurricane windows protect homes and commercial spaces from damage caused by hurricane-force winds. The quality of the products and professional installation chosen are both necessary to get the best protection.

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