Impact Windows and Doors in Hialeah

Impact Windows and Doors in Hialeah

Do you want to protect your family and property while saving money? If so, impact windows are an excellent investment that can help you do just that.

As a Florida resident, you are most likely familiar with the risk that hurricanes and tropical storms pose. Damage from strong winds, heavy rainfall, and flying debris can be severe and costly to repair. Fortunately, impact windows are a solution that can help you stay prepared for any type of weather and provide higher levels of security as well as greater peace of mind.

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How Do Impact Windows Work?

Impact windows use tempered glass, which is four times stronger than regular glass. They are also manufactured using techniques to create tougher and more flexible glass capable of withstanding hurricane-force winds. Reinforced window framing adds to the security level they provide.

Protection from storms isn’t the only advantage of impact windows. They have additional benefits as well:

Hurricane-proof windows come in several styles, materials, and colors. There is a window to suit any home or office.

What Are the Best Impact Resistant Windows?

The best impact windows and doors in Miami use an inner layer of polyvinyl butyral that makes them more difficult to shatter. High-quality windows are also ISO-certified and adhere to local building codes to ensure safety. All impact windows undergo thorough testing to meet wind speed, projectile impact, and pressure change requirements.

Are Impact Windows Better than Shutters?

One of the many benefits of impact windows is that they provide just as much, if not more, protection against severe weather as shutters.
The specially-made glass can withstand the wind speeds of even Category 5 hurricanes. Once you have your impact windows installed, you no longer need to worry about finding the time to board up your regular windows with storm shutters.

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Miami Dade County Impact Window Program

The initial cost of impact windows can be higher than regular windows, but the return on your investment makes them completely worthwhile. If you need financial assistance, there are several possible options available.
Weatherization programs, both local and federally funded, can help you with the cost of installing energy-efficient home improvements. Another option is the PACE Program. PACE is a loan program that funds energy-saving home upgrades. If you are approved for the program, PACE covers 100% of the cost of installation, which you will then repay overtime at a low interest rate.

Hurricane Resistant Windows and Doors Company

When searching for impact window installers in Hialeah, do your research. Read the impact window reviews and customer testimonials for the contractor. A knowledgeable professional can complete the installation safely, and with the right techniques to help your new windows last.

Signature Impact Windows & Doors use high-quality materials from impact window manufacturers in South Florida. They have years of experience and can offer their expertise to help you choose the best options for your project and turn your home improvement ideas into a reality. Call us for a quote today at 305-912-7493. You may also contact us online. Also ask about financing for windows and doors.