Are Impact Windows a Better Replacement for South Florida Homes?

Summer is the perfect time to tackle some of the home improvement projects you’ve been meaning to check off your list for far too long. Big or small changes to your home can dramatically increase your home’s value, increase home security, and create a home with a fantastic curb appeal that will wow your neighbors for miles. 

While the extra work may be the bad news, the good news is that many major improvements for your home dramatically increase its value in the long run. For some homeowners, costly accidents are avoided by installing new windows and doors to protect against harsh environmental conditions, such as the extreme South Florida UV rays, and more. Surely, the time spent researching window replacement cost for your home will be well worth (especially when it comes to protecting your home from disasters like flooding and hurricanes). The cost of new windows might actually surprise you at just how affordable impact windows can be.

What to Consider When Shopping for Impact Window Replacements?

What goes into the overall pricing of impact windows? There are quite a few factors, actually. For the majority of impact window installation companies, a price point or quote will be determined by the brand, size, style, shape, frame type and color, glass type preferred, materials needed, duration of installation and more. 

These preferences are based on the project scope, as well as the price range a customer is looking to stay within. Likely, the average price will be based on the type of impact window desired.

Here are the Various Window Pricing Questions (Based on the Project): 

  • Who is the manufacturer?
  • What type of window is desired?
  • Is a custom or standard frame needed?
  • IS the frame made out of Vinyl or Aluminum?
  • What is the glass type necessary? Tinted? Lo-e? Is more privacy required?
  • What is the opening type?
  • What is the surrounding house made of? Stucco? Drywall? Brick? Wood?
  • Is there an HOA or building code to be abided by?
  • What are energy efficiency restrictions and codes? City codes?
  • What type of permit is required?

Why You Should Consider Impact Windows

Signature Impact Windows and Doors provide our customers with a wide range of impact windows that will not only provide the utmost protection from the elements but will also provide a variety of design types to assist in enhancing a home’s design aesthetic.

Some of our Most Popular Types of Impact Windows include:

To keep the cost of new windows down, at Signature Impact Windows in Miami, we offer wholesale and installment of impact-resistant windows to cut out the middleman and lower the overall price of installment. Our windows are installed by our team of experts to ensure each window installation is performed to increase overall safety, reduce outside noise, prevent impact and intrusion, as well as become completely retrofitted to fit snugly in the frame. 

Each window is installed with durability and adhere to nationwide guidelines by the American Society for Testing and Materials, as well as adhering to the local and government standards. Our windows go through extreme testing with single and double panel glass. Some of our materials are even tested with large missile impact as well as simulated tests. 




The Benefits of Choosing Impact Windows as Replacements:

When asking how much do new windows cost, the answer is simple – there is no price on protection and security. For most Florida families and business owners, it is critical to protect your home and business from impact through hurricanes, attempted robbery, and UV rays that can come in and damage your home. 

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality windows and doors for our customers and perform rigorous testing to ensure each and every window that is installed is done by our expert team of professionals who are eager to provide the highest quality of work in the shortest amount of time, if possible. 

Our company understands that many people consider storm shutters instead of impact windows. This is an adequate option during small tropical storms, but will need to be replaced over and over again after a storm. Stormproof windows are a critical component to your home and will last for years to come, despite hurricanes, debris, and even in an attempted burglary. Our windows and doors are made from the highest quality materials and are manufactured with low pricing because we cut out the middle-man.

Impact Windows in Residential Homes

We install impact windows and doors for families, couples, and individuals who are homeowners and also looking to provide their families with protection against the elements and environment. Due to weather in the Miami area, many homes are beginning to require impact windows to protect their families and their homes. 

Windows for Commercial Businesses and Storefronts

Signature Impact Windows provide protection to your greatest investment, your home and your business. Commercial businesses and storefronts will find protection from hurricanes with our impact windows able to withstand high winds and flying debris. Protecting one of your most valuable assets is critical move business owners need to make in order to protect their storefronts from the harsh weather in Miami.

Ready to Install Signature Impact Windows?

Have further questions? Give us a call at 305-912-7493 or simply request a quote online! Our goal is to protect as many homes and businesses as possible through our tried and tested impact windows and doors

Let us know what your project looks like and how we can help you install the perfect windows for your home.