Impact Glass Storefront Doors for Premium Protection in South Florida

There are some wonderful reasons to start and operate a business in South Florida. However, there are also many obstacles for those who operate in brick and mortar buildings in this land of paradise. Hurricane activity has seemingly increased and intensified over the years within the state. And there is no doubt how crime has escalated throughout this area, as well as throughout many other regions.

Is Impact Glass Worth it?

Security roll up doors and gates are helpful when businesses are closed. But the best protection for storefronts and commercial buildings begin with impact glass windows. These products protect 24/7. There are many benefits to installing impact windows in commercial storefronts, office buildings and other commercial structures.

Impact Glass Storefront Doors for Premium Protection in South Florida

Below are 7 Ways Impact Glass Storefront Doors and Windows are Advantageous to Commercial Businesses:

1. Increases Security

Impact glass for windows and doors are designed to resist debris and forced entry. Not only will impact glass protect during hurricane and tropical storms, but it will also help to prevent intruders from breaking in.

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2. Longevity

Impact glass will long outlast the glass for all other glass types because it is more durable and helps to avoid chips, cracks and scratches. Not only does more durability prevent having to take the time out to call on and evaluate bids from an assortment of contractors to arrange replacing glass for windows and doors, but saves a lot of money in the long run.

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3. Reduces Energy Bills

Impact glass for doors and windows also restrict sunlight and cold air from entering and existing. This is extremely beneficial for cutting electricity costs.

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4. Appreciates the Value of the Property

Not only do impact windows and doors add to a structure aesthetically, but it will encourage new tenants and make it much easier to sell your property should you decide to go another direction.

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5. Reduces the Cost of Property Insurance

When a business installs impact windows and doors in a commercial store or building, insurance premiums are reduced and the business owners are also eligible for discounts, as impact windows and door increase the overall safety of the property.

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6. Protects from Ultraviolet Rays

The glass used for manufacturing impact windows and doors is treated that involves a tinting which blocks out much more UV light from the sun than regular glass typically used for windows. Not only will this reduce energy bills, but it will also help to protect expensive equipment and reduce color fading on furniture and flooring.

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7. Reduces Noise from Outside

Impact glass is much thicker than typical glass, such as tempered, insulated or laminated glass. This is because a polyvinyl butyral interlayer is placed in between the double paned glass during the manufacturing process. This is a win-win for both employees and customers. This is because the thicker glass reduces outside noise that will create a quieter work environment and a more enjoyable experience for visitors.

The Importance of Correct Installation of Impact Glass

There are many do-it-your-selfers who attempt to install impact windows and windows on their own. And others decide to try to cut costs by hiring an individual or a low-bid contractor to do the installation. But how impact glass is installed is crucial as to the effectiveness and durability of the windows and doors.

Reaching out to a professional impact windows installation company that is experienced; and knowledgeable of the specific requirements and techniques for installing impact windows and doors; will not only help to avoid costly repairs and replacements. But it will be instrumental in preventing possible devastation, such as theft; and property damage during fierce hurricanes and tropical storms.

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