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Having a large surface area means the garage door is highly susceptible to storm damage. If a garage door fails during a storm, you will have a very large opening on the side of your house or commercial building. All of the cars and valuables inside the garage will suffer damage; or worse, get picked up by the wind and become missiles headed towards occupants within the home or building.

A breach anywhere in a house or building, but especially in a large space like a garage, can cause the wind to tear through the structure’s interior and create dramatic pressure changes inside, which can potentially blow out windows.

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Are Impact Garage Doors a Wise Investment?

Get your house or commercial building hurricane-ready by investing in a Hurricane resistant garage door. Our impact garage doors are made of one or more layers of hardened steel, with additional layers of aluminum and insulation. The standard door track is replaced with a heavy-gauge track to ensure the door stays in place. Steel rods reinforce the interior of the door to stop buckling and twisting. Our hurricane impact glass garage doors are made of high-quality tempered glass, which is four times stronger than regular glass.

If you reside or own a business in the south-Florida High-Velocity Hurricane Zone, you can be assured that our hurricane impact storm doors meet or exceed Miami-Dade and Broward Counties requirements, which are the strictest in the country.

Impact Resistant Doors – Tested for Safety

The Florida approved impact doors we sell have been safety tested in a lab and proven to withstand intentional or accidental damage, stand strong against high winds, and resist barometric pressure changes. Our products are manufactured in a facility that is ISO-certified as proven by third-party audits. This means our custom hurricane impact garage doors have been proven to be one of the strongest in America.

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Our Hurricane Proof Garage Doors have a variety of benefits that extend beyond keeping occupants safe during a hurricane


Available in a wide range of attractive styles and hardware options


Deter criminals from entering through the garage


Increase curb appeal and resale value of your home


Possible reduction in insurance premiums


Dense insulation provides quality soundproofing and energy efficiency


If hurricane doors with glass are chosen, the glass will block 99% of UV rays


Resistant to rot, warping, denting, and normal wear-and-tear


Our impact garage doors guarantee security and hurricane protection 24/7. Various types of materials offer greater cost-effectiveness, insulation benefits, and energy performance. Still, regardless of the materials used, impact doors provide permanent protection against hurricanes at any time. Our product durability prevents all glass from breaking into large sharp pieces.

Additionally, if the glass breaks, it will create a spider-like pattern rather than shattering and causing harm. An additional benefit is the prevention of 99% of ultraviolet light transmitted and higher sound insulation due to the dampening effect. As a result, many insurance companies offer up to 45% premium discounts.



Noise Reduction

The Sound Transmission Coefficient scale is used to evaluate the transmission of noise. The high-quality sound reduction is the direct result of a high STC rating. So, every increase by 10, is a 50% increase in noise reduction.

Protection from UV-rays

Impact doors offer unique and cost-effective UV protection, reducing up to 99% of UV ray damage to the interior of a home while lowering insurance costs, and increasing resale value.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency can be increased dramatically since less energy is required to heat and cool the home using impact doors. Both vinyl and fiberglass are strong and popular materials for impact doors and poor conductors of heat and cold.