Hurricane Windows in Miami

The Insurance Information Institute consistently places Florida – and Miami-Dade County, in particular – in its top places for hurricane storm surge risks every year. While this consistent threat translates to headaches for homeowners, it also offers an opportunity to avoid them with hurricane windows in Miami. Built specifically to withstand and protect against the driving rains, winds, storm surges, and debris threats associated with hurricanes and serious storms, choosing the right windows before storms gain both names and category power is a wise move.

hurricane impact windows miami

What Are Hurricane Impact Windows?

Just like the glass used in cars, the structure of impact windows are what sets them apart from their “normal” counterparts. A traditional pane or panes of glass isn’t made for the powerful shaking, pulling, and pushing forces of hurricane gales and gusts, making them potentially fragile and likely to shatter. Additionally, the debris – branches, pieces of lawn furniture, loose shingles, etc. – that end up airborne in Category 3, 4, and 5 hurricanes can pierce or shatter a traditional window on contact.

Hurricane impact windows are the ideal solution for homeowners and commercial businesses who are wondering how to protect windows during a hurricane. These windows are made with a thin, flexible layer of polymer between the panes and prevents the fragility of glass-only construction. This allows your windows to stand up to the force and demands of emergency-level weather with more resistance to breaking. In addition, this sandwiched layer style build also prevents glass from splintering, shattering, and “exploding” inwards, protecting the structure’s occupants and their belongings from sharp glass shards and the injuries they could represent.

What Are the Best Hurricane Impact Windows?

Finding the right Miami Dade hurricane rated windows starts with measuring your current windows. When you know the exact size you’ll need to replace, upgrading your traditional windows to hurricane windows will be considerably easier. (Hint: asking a local window installation company how to measure windows for hurricane panels is a great place to start!)

You’ll have a variety of window manufacturers to choose from, and the “best” will depend on your exact location and current window setup. Miami Dade approved hurricane windows will have some consistency – the wind speed they’re rated to withstand, etc. – but remember when asking “Are impact windows hurricane proof?” that nothing is truly hurricane proof – these windows are simply a great step towards overall hurricane home and building protection.

How Thick Are Hurricane Windows?

The thickness of your new hurricane windows, much like their overall size, will depend entirely on your needs. Several options are available from different manufacturers, so your best course of action is to get measurements and chat with a pro before installing hurricane windows in your home. The good news is that this is also an excellent time to find out if you’re eligible for a tax credit. You can also use this time to ask your window installation professional about energy efficiency. When it comes to the model(s) and size(s) you’re considering, the extent of the ability to save on energy bills will change.

Much like all Florida hurricane preparation, making the right decisions ahead of time – before storms have a chance to wreak havoc on your home – will make all the difference. Contact Signature Impact Windows and Doors today to protect your home, loved ones, and your belongings with hurricane windows, doors, and more.

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