Hurricane Windows Installation in Miami

South Florida is associated with extreme weather conditions, hurricanes, and storms. Installing hurricane windows is every Miami homeowner’s best safety decision. These impact-rated windows protect homes against harsh winds, storms, UV rays, and hurricanes. To achieve such a level of security, homeowners must work with professional Miami hurricane windows installers.

How Does Hurricane Windows Installation Work at Signature Impact?

Signature Impact Windows & Doors is a licensed hurricane window installation company in Miami. We will send several experienced and quality window installation technicians onsite to install hurricane windows for South Florida residents and businesses. These professionals are chosen based on the complexity of the project.

hurricane windows installation in Miami

Types of Hurricane Windows

Hurricane Casement Windows

Casement impact windows provide an extensive, extraordinary view and supreme protection against extreme storms. They are manufactured for optimum safety to meet the most stringent Florida hurricane impact codes.

These hurricane windows are excellent for home installations with hard-to-reach areas, such as over a counter or sink. Casement hurricane windows give new homes a clean feel and narrow sightlines to blend with their modern aesthetics perfectly.

Hurricane Awning Windows

Awning impact windows are hinged at the frame’s top, allowing them to swing at the bottom. They are large and flexible, as they can stay partially open to help residential property owners enjoy the beautiful scenery. These windows allow the free flow of fresh air into homes.

Hurricane awning windows are a suitable choice if a home has hard-to-reach areas. They offer ample, usable space when mounted high on a wall. Their impact-resistant glass and thick-walled aluminum frames provide exceptional protection against tropical storms and extreme hurricanes.

Hurricane Glider Windows

A glider or horizontal roller window has a functional sash fitted with robust tandem rollers for easy opening and closing. With such style, hurricane glider windows are excellent for homes with wide horizontal openings. These hurricane windows offer narrow sightlines that give homes adequate natural light. This connects the homeowners to the outdoors.

Other popular types of hurricane windows include:

  • Single-hung windows
  • Sliding hurricane windows
  • Double-hung hurricane windows
  • Hurricane picture windows
  • Hurricane impact bay windows

What Is the Average Cost of Hurricane Windows in Florida

The average cost of hurricane impact windows in Florida is around $8,000. Depending on the material, style, and design, impact-resistant windows cost between $2,400 and $13,000. Each custom hurricane window costs around $90 to $400 and takes roughly two hours to install at rates of $30 to $65 per hour.

Are Hurricane Windows Energy-efficient?

Yes. Hurricane windows have better insulation than most regular windows. They help keep homes at desired temperatures, allowing homeowners to save on their monthly energy bills.

Are Hurricane Windows Tax Deductible?

Yes, hurricane windows are eligible for tax credits. They are energy efficient, as most models meet the ENERGY star requirements.

Get the Best Hurricane Windows Installation Services In Miami

Signature Impact is a go-to solution for all hurricane window needs. Regardless of the hurricane window or door type, size, or design a homeowner wants, this dealer offers a durable, yet reliable solution for keeping homes safe from storm damage. Financing for impact windows and door is available.  Call Signature Impact Windows & Doors at 305-912-7493 to find out more and get the help from some of the most reputable Miami hurricane windows installers. You may also contact us online.