Hurricane Windows Fort Lauderdale

Hurricane Windows Fort Lauderdale

Living adjacent to the beach is a joy when you can walk on the beach every day and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and waves rocking against one another. This bliss may be short-lived if you do not fortify your house with non-impact windows that shield against strong winds and weather. The International Hurricane Protection Association states that the home structure cannot survive if the wind makes it inside the home. Take precaution with the best hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale caution against the strong winds and flying debris.

Reasons we have the best industry-leading hurricane windows 


The main reason for you to incorporate our Fort Lauderdale hurricane impact windows in your home is their ability to resist corrosion. Our windows are strong enough to resist corrosion from salty water as well as debris. This quality makes them even better in performance because they do not weaken from the saltiness.


The right Ft. Lauderdale impact windows will also serve a longer time, so you do not have to replace them after every inspection. We guarantee that our windows selection lasts approximately 40 years and always matches the local authorities’ standards.

Proper building codes

The American Society for Testing & Materials has a strict guideline for impact-resistant windows of E1886 and E1996. The state law requires that all homes constructed after July 2001 have hurricane windows on all exterior openings. The exact codes for windows vary according to the community, and you must buy hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale from a manufacturer who understands your exact concern.

Both the federal and state governments require each structure to adhere to a set standard of building codes. While federal codes are generic, the state codes are specific and may be necessary to protect against potential hurricanes and storms. Signature Impact Windows and Doors produces windows specific to the Miami building code for your safety and adherence to state laws.


Our hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale offer a guarantee of excellent service because they manufactured in the local scene, meaning they are updated for the latest climatic and environmental conditions. Buying from our Miami business means you are cutting back on the costs of importing the identical product from overseas. You also eliminate transportation costs and enjoy premium market rates for the highest quality with optimal durability.

Easy verification for quality

Impact-resistant windows and doors take more time and money to produce than standard counterparts. Due to this factor, manufacturers will usually want their clients what they are purchasing by including details that are easy to verify. We make it easy for you to look up the information for a mark of originality and quality. The following are some of the qualities you can spot on hurricane windows from our store:

  • The supplier’s name
  • Thickness
  • Certifications from the proper safety standardization
  • Date of manufacture
  • Location of manufacture

Are you curious to learn more about our hurricane windows and how we can serve your construction project? Call +13059127493 for more details or fill out the online form to request a free quote on hurricane-proof windows and doors

Hurricane Windows Fort Lauderdale

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