Hurricane Windows Financing in South Florida

Harsh weather like hurricanes and tropical storms pose a serious threat to properties. Fortunately, installing hurricane windows can avoid much of the damage. They can cost more than traditional glass windows, but with an extensive list of benefits and possibilities for financing, they are a worthy investment.

Hurricane Windows Financing in South Florida

How Do Hurricane Windows Work?

The best ways to hurricane-proof windows are installing impact glass, hanging storm shutters, using plywood covering, or adding hurricane window film. However, the most convenient hurricane window protection option that delivers reliable results is installing hurricane impact windows and doors. This is so effective that some high-risk areas are required to install hurricane-approved windows or storm shutters to satisfy the Florida Building Code.

Hurricane impact windows are made from tempered glass, which is four times stronger than regular glass. It includes a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between two tempered glass sheets for increased flexibility and strength. If the window is punctured, the PVB layer prevents the glass from shattering into dangerous shards. Instead, it creates a web-like pattern.

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Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows

The advantages of installing hurricane impact windows go far beyond protection from storms and include:

Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows

Features of Hurricane Impact Windows

There are some other common features of hurricane impact windows and must-know facts:

The thickness of hurricane windows is, on average, between 7/16” and 9/16” due to the multiple panes of glass.

Hurricane windows are energy-efficient. Once installed, the building requires significantly less energy to cool and heat the space.

Hurricane windows are manufactured to withstand hurricane-force winds and repeated impact from flying debris. However, if struck with excessive force, the hurricane window can break.

Hurricane windows are more expensive than regular windows. Depending on type and size, the cost can range anywhere from $100 to around $2,100 per window.

Impact windows and doors are also available in several attractive styles and materials that improve property curb appeal and resale value.

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Expertise in installing Hurricane impact windows in large buildings and high rises

Financing Hurricane Windows

Customers interested in upgrading to impact glass but are worried about the cost can get hurricane windows with available finance opportunities. There are several ways to go about hurricane windows financing. Plus, Florida has several additional money-saving opportunities to help lower the overall cost of impact glass windows and doors.

Government Programs

The Florida PACE program provides fixed-rate loans that cover 100% of the cost. State and local governments also often have weatherization programs that help pay for the cost of making energy-efficient upgrades, which includes impact windows.

Tax Deduction for Energy-Efficient Windows

Customers considering impact window installation can take advantage of several tax breaks to help offset the cost. Before the onset of hurricane season, there is a temporary tax-exemption period where certain items can be purchased free of tax. Newly installed hurricane windows that meet energy-efficient guidelines qualify for income tax credits.

Best Way to Finance Impact Windows in South Florida

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