Hurricane Windows and Doors in Miami

The walls, foundation, and roof of your home or commercial building are built to shield you from the elements: when hurricane season hits in the Miami area, they’re ready to withstand high winds and punishing rains. Can you say the same about the other parts of your home? Hurricane windows and doors build on the safety and security of your home’s design, giving you and your loved ones an extra layer of protection against the worst that storms can dish out. Aftermarket or DIY-style hurricane protection for windows and doors could leave your home dangerously exposed.

So, you may ask, ‘How do you know if your windows are hurricane proof? The answer is, if you don’t know that they are already, they probably aren’t! Made with a special design that resists breakage and prevents dangerous, sharp pieces of glass from exploding in a shatter event, hurricane resistant windows offer peace of mind.

hurricane windows and doors miami

What Are Hurricane Proof Windows?

Unlike regular windows that typically only rely on one type of material, hurricane windows “sandwich” a thin, flexible layer between panes. This allows the window to flex a little in the notoriously strong push and pull of hurricane-force winds, giving it flexibility that would otherwise shatter a traditional window. While no door or window is completely “hurricane proof,” these windows offer a lot more protection than a regular window made with only a single pane material type.

So how strong are hurricane windows? Strong enough to keep you safe! Dade county hurricane code windows, installed by a window installation company, will give you the most protection against storm damage and high, threatening winds. The right windows may even help cut down on window drafts, even when the wind is no longer howling outside.

hurricane windows and doors miami

What Are Hurricane Impact Doors?

The average entryway door is built tough, but Mother Nature is always built a little bit tougher, under the right (or wrong, if you’re a homeowner) conditions. The same push-and-pull of storm surges and hurricane gusts that threaten windows can also harm doors. Because doors are made with a lot more motion in their design, they’re more likely to be ripped open and slammed into walls by errant wind. While considering the question “Are fiberglass doors hurricane proof?” the better question might be, “Can my entire door stand up to a hurricane?” Hardware, hinges, and even the door frame itself all factor into what your door can or cannot withstand.

The bottom line is that you cannot afford to NOT invest in impact-resistant hurricane windows and doors when living in Florida. Not only will these windows and doors save on insurance and energy bills, it may very well save lives!

Hurricane Windows and Doors for Protection

In a nutshell, hurricane impact doors are made of durable material specifically rated against hurricane-force winds, though the exact strength may vary from model to model. If you aren’t sure which door your home needs for maximum hurricane protection, reach out to a hurricane window professional. They’ll be able to guide you to a model that will fit well with your home’s current exterior style and provide excellent hurricane resistance.

If you’re ready to stop feeling anxious when the storm season weather report comes on, you’re ready to reach out and contact Signature Impact Windows in Miami to make sure your home is ready. The right hurricane windows and doors don’t just offer a beautiful vista of your yard or backyard, they also give you a layer of reassurance and protection in even the biggest storms.

Get your home or building protected for the next storm season in Florida with hurricane windows and doors from Signature Impact Windows & Doors. Call today for a free estimate at 305-912-7493 or simply request a quote online.

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