Hurricane Proof Windows Miami

Hurricane Proof Windows Miami

Buy the Finest Hurricane Proof Windows in Miami

One of the biggest challenges for Miami homeowners is protecting their property from the elements. Every year Florida is hit by a variety of hurricanes and tropical storms, and if extra effort is not made, your home can suffer significant damage. The best alternative is to purchase and install state-of-the-art Miami impact windows.

However, many people still think that installing impact windows is an unnecessary expense. This belief occurs mainly because people do not know what this technology consists of, and why buying hurricane windows in Miami is a must. It is essential that you know what makes this type of windows resistant, and where you can buy the top hurricane proof windows in Miami.

What Makes a Window Hurricane Proof?

3-Layer Technology

The secret of the best hurricane-proof windows and doors to buy is that they are layered structures. In the case of windows, they have usually composed of three: two outer panes of glass, and an inner layer of tough translucent material. This gives impact windows a significantly higher coefficient of resistance than conventional windows. These are the general characteristics of each layer:

  • Outer Layer: high-quality tempered glass is generally used for the exterior. This type of glass, in addition to its hardness, has a high refractive index. This improves the energy efficiency of the property. The refraction of the glass helps keep excessive heat from entering your home. Also, this same property maintains a comfortable temperature in the cold season.
  • Interior Coating: the best impact windows you can get are made with tempered (thermally reinforced) glass on the inside. This material, in addition to protection from wind, water, and debris impacts, has an additional advantage: it provides UV protection. This will help prevent the impact of the sun’s rays from ruining objects you place near the windows, including furniture and carpets.
  • Intermediate film: this is a layer that is in the middle of the two panes, and is the secret of every impact window. High-strength vinyl, such as ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) and polyvinyl butyral (PVB), is usually used. This interlayer can vary in thickness from 0.010 to 0.090 inches. The thicker the layer, the greater the strength of the impact window.

Why Signature Windows are the Best?

Since our inception, we have specialized exclusively in the home and business protection industry with the best hurricane Proof Windows in Miami. This has allowed us to develop superior manufacturing methods for impact windows. We use high-quality tempered glass, with a resistance coefficient 4 times higher than conventional glass. Besides, we manufacture our impact windows with top-of-the-line vinyl sheets.

We offer 4 different types of windows, differentiated by their lamination process, which you can choose according to your specific needs. All our windows conform to the strict parameters of the American Society for Testing and Materials. To achieve this standard, our products pass a variety of resistance tests, including a simulated pressure test and a high-caliber missile impact test. All of this ensures that when you buy an impact window from Signature, you’re getting the toughest window on the market.

Trust the Best

It’s time to provide the ultimate protection for your family by purchasing the best impact windows in the industry, and only Signature can provide it. Let us give you the peace of mind you desire and deserve with the best Miami hurricane impact windows. Contact us; we will be happy to assist you.

Hurricane Proof Windows Miami

How to Know the Best Hurricane-proof Windows Miami

Hurricane is a whirlwind that is usually very strong and could sometimes cause destruction of properties and death. The Miami hurricane season lasts half the year. It is always essential to get prepared for Miami’s hurricanes. It is necessary to get impact-resistant and hurricane-proof windows and doors while in Miami. Life in Miami is beautiful but don’t be caught unprepared for a hurricane. Do not fret because signature impact windows and doors have got you …


Hurricane Proof Windows MiamiNothing beats the security of life and property; it ranks as one of the most important necessities of man. One of man’s security is the home. The home secures and protects against external elements. It shelters a family against the sun, rain, wind, hurricane, and any inclement weather whatsoever through the roofs and the windows. It is only wise to prepare ahead of adverse tropical weather by installing necessary …

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Hurricane Proof Windows Miami

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