How to Prepare Your Business for Hurricane Season in South Florida

As Floridians prepare for yet another rough hurricane season, there are steps to prepare for dangerous storms that will ensure the safety of your family, loved ones and your business. In the past, we have seen the catastrophic results that can occur after hurricanes and tropical storms roll through.

There are some important ways to prepare your business for the next hurricane season (even if you don’t have a lot of time to do so). Some of these measures are short-term solutions, while others are long-term. And if you aren’t prepared this time, you certainly will be prepared for the next storm or hurricane season.

how to prepare your business for hurricane season

5 Steps to Get Your Business Ready for Hurricane Season:


1. Protect Your Employees 

When it comes time to prepare your business for a storm, you will want to make sure you are protecting the most important part of your business; the people. When surprise storms arise, you and your employees may find yourselves trapped inside the office building. In times like these, it will be important to have the necessary tools and proper procedures in place to protect all occupants. This will include protection from flooding, high winds, and flying debris. A plan should also be in place to prepare for a evacuation if necessary (when possible).

Take inventory and create a directory of your employee’s information ahead of time. This directory should include emergency contacts. The information should document phone numbers, addresses, the employees’ regular schedules, and any other important information. If you have a virtual business, take steps in order to ensure their safety even while they are remote.

2. Take Measures to Protect Your Technology

Make arrangements ahead of the storms to protect your valuable equipment. Computers, hard drives, tools, equipment, products, storage items, and other invaluable items will need to be also be safely prepared for the unknown. Find a place that is high and dry for items that hold important information. Keeping a documented inventory of these valuables will help to make insurance claims much easier, as well.  At all times, know where your most important equipment is located. Also, be sure to keep a digital record of receipts and insurance policies you have for your equipment and building.

3. Protect Your Business Structure

Wind, rain, flooding, and debris flying around are of no service to glass windows and poorly fortified doors. It is absolutely crucial to have storm doors, impact tested windows and shutters that are metal to protect your interior from anything that might fly into your structure.

Stay up to date on evacuation measures for your business and abide by the city’s ordinance and evacuation instructions. Make sure your employees are familiar with evacuation techniques and know where all emergency exits and pathways are, to get out of the building safely in case of an emergency situation.

4. Create an Emergency Team

Create a team of emergency responders who know and understand the dangers during hurricane season. Delegate leadership positions to help with directing people in case of an emergency (in the event you are unable to do so). Once a month, role play and practice what to do in case of an emergency. Go over each designated employee’s role (or post them in an area where employees can see at all times).

5. Listen to the Weather News

Be sure to keep on top of the local news and weather channels to evaluate just how serious the storm is and how it will affect your area specifically. If you are being told to evacuate, then do not waste any time and evacuate. Time and time again, Floridians believe they are able to ride out the storm. But, unfortunately, there have been too many instances where people stay and hunker down. Afterwards, they find that there are unforeseen circumstances that immediately make the situation go from an intermediate threat to the red zone.

Are Your Windows and Doors Ready for Hurricane Season?

We’re here to help you prepare your business for Hurricane Season in South Florida! Nothing beats being ready in plenty of time fore the storm! Take steps today and install impact resistant windows and doors ahead of time. Call Signature Impact Windows and Doors at 305-912-7493 to request a quote. We are also here to answer your questions online.