How to Prepare Your Business for Hurricane Season in Florida

As the United States prepares for yet another rough hurricane season, there are steps to prepare for a hurricane that will ensure the safety of your family, loved ones and your business. In the past, we have seen the catastrophic result that can occur after a storm rolls through.

There is a way to prepare your business for the next hurricane season, even if you don’t have a lot of time to do so. Some of these measures are short-term solutions, while others are long-term, and if you aren’t prepared this time, you certainly will be prepared for the next storm or hurricane season.

hurricane season resistant windows and doors

Getting Your Business Ready for Hurricane Season Includes:

1. Protect Your Employees 

When the time comes to prepare your business for a storm, you want to make sure you are protecting the most important part of your business; the people. If for some reason you and your employees are trapped in an office or building, ask yourself if you have the necessary tools and procedures in place to protect from flooding, high winds, flying debris and prepare for possible evacuation.

Take inventory of your employee’s information. Keep your directory close by and always have emergency contacts filled out, along with a record of phone numbers, addresses, their regular schedule, and more. If you have a virtual business, take steps in order to ensure their safety even while they are remote.

2. Take Measures to Protect Your Technology

If you work in a business where you have computers, hard drives, tools, equipment, products, and storage items, protect what is most valuable. Find a place that is high and dry for items that hold important information. Of course, take out insurance for all valuables, including the building.

At all times, know where your most important equipment is located, and keep a digital record of receipts and insurance policies you have on anything, from the computers to the building itself.

3. Protect Your Business Structure

Wind, rain, flooding, and debris flying around are of no service to glass windows and poorly fortified doors. It is absolutely crucial to have storm doors, impact tested windows and shutters that are metal to protect your interior from anything that might fly into your structure.

Stay up to date on evacuation measures for your business and abide by the city’s ordinance and evacuation instructions. Make sure your employees are familiar with evacuation techniques and know where all emergency exits and pathways are, to get out of the building safely in case of an emergency situation.

4. Create an Emergency Team

Create a team of emergency responders who know and understand the dangers during hurricane season. Give out leadership positions so you aren’t the only one who is directing people in case of an emergency. Once a month role play and practice what to do in case of an emergency and go over the roles, or post them in an area where employees can see.

5. Listen to the Weather News

Listen carefully to the news and weather channels to evaluate just how serious the storm is. If you are being told to evacuate, then evacuate. Even if you think you are able to ride out the storm, there have been too many instances where people stay and hunker down, only to find that there are unforeseen circumstances that immediately make the situation go from an intermediate threat to the red zone.

Are Your Windows and Doors Ready for Hurricane Season?

If you aren’t prepared for the storm at this time, make sure you call Signature Impact Windows and Doors at 305-912-7493 to talk about the ways you can prevent your business from going belly up because of flooding and flying debris. For more articles on how to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season in Florida, click through our blogs and articles and stay safe out there!