How Much Can Hurricane Impact Windows Take?

Residents and business owners in South Florida, and other hurricane-prone states, are bracing for the current year’s hurricane season. Preparing homes and businesses beforehand is incredibly important to keep a home, business, and neighborhood safe from the natural weather systems that hit the United States between June and October. 

What are Some Storm Preparations that Can Be Taken?

One of the most important aspects to consider include impact windows and doors. We offer various impact windows that customers can choose and relay the strength that homeowners and businesses will experience as they are protected from hurricanes.

How Strong are Hurricane Impact windows?

This is the most frequently asked question.

The answer is quite simple – hurricane impact windows and hurricane doors can withstand the Category 5 wind conditions that are defined by speeds approximately 137 knots or 158 mph.

This is crucial in protecting the home, family, and businesses for a myriad of reasons. For one, entryways in a home, including doors and windows, are the most vulnerable to home and business damage. Strengthening these areas with impact windows will allow your home or business to withstand the harsh environmental conditions that come with Category 3, 4, and 5 wind conditions

Another benefit of hurricane impact windows includes increased security. Water damage aside, high winds carry fast-moving debris from the outside. Unfortunately, during a storm, it is impossible to know just what will be hitting windows and doors of your home or business. Installing high-quality, strong impact windows alleviates this problem and improves home security as well. 

Below are Some of the Most Popular Types of Hurricane Impact Windows:

Signature Impact Windows & Doors window installations are performed by our experts and provide protection 24/7, despite harsh environmental conditions. We offer a variety of materials, designs, and options that will fit the need of all home and business decor and structural design. If debris does hit an impact window at extreme speed, instead of shattering, our windows will create a spiderweb-like crack that reduces the risk and harm of the residents inside.

For more information about our hurricane proof windows, doors and security protocols, request a quote online or give us a call at 305-912-7493 to schedule your consultation.