Hurricane Impact Windows in Miami Dade

Hurricane Impact Windows in Miami Dade

Cost-effective protection from hurricane damage is a top concern of most commercial and residential property owners in Florida. Impact windows are a 24/7 solution that can help you protect your assets and stay ready for any storm that comes your way.

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What Are Hurricane Impact Windows?

Impact windows are specially-designed windows that use strong glass and reinforced frames to withstand hurricane-force winds, debris, and repeated impacts.

Tempered glass and an interlayer of PVB resin provide more flexibility and better protection against breaks and shattering. Impact windows must undergo large missile debris impact and pressure tests to determine quality and safety.

These windows offer a host of benefits that go beyond storm safety. Impact windows are energy-efficient and could reduce your energy bills. They also provide UV protection, reduce noise, and increase property value.

These benefits make your property less of a risk to insure, allowing you to get the coverage you need and desire at lower rates.

Are All Impact Windows Miami Dade Rated?

You should always ask your contractor or product source about the tests and certifications their products hold to make sure you are getting high-quality and dependable windows. Miami Dade building code impact windows are tested to ensure safety and that they adhere to local building codes. An impact windows factory in Miami must follow guidelines and regulations to meet the standards required of an impact window.

Reputable contractors such as Signature Impact Windows & Doors work with only the highest quality products that adhere to the American Society for Testing and Materials. All windows are rigorously tested and meet the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone requirements of Miami Dade and Broward counties.

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Can You Break In a Window with Impact Glass?

Impact windows are stronger and more durable than regular windows. They are large missile debris tested and meant to withstand heavy and repeated impact. The glass is force-entry resistant and cannot be easily broken. This gives your home or business added security against the threat of intruders. While it is more difficult to break impact glass, it is possible under extreme circumstances. However, impact windows and doors offer much greater protection than traditional glass.

Hurricane Shutters Vs. Impact Windows

Are you tired of scrambling to find the time to hang your storm shutters at the signs of an approaching storm? If so, impact windows could be an excellent alternative. Shutters are a common method used to protect glass, but they require a lot of effort. After the dangerous storm passes, you have to take them down and find room to store them for the next time.

Impact windows are a much simpler option. They are just as strong as storm shutters and require no upkeep. After you upgrade to impact-resistant windows, your property is protected from hurricanes 24/7.

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Hurricane Proof Window and Door Installers

The top impact window manufacturers provide high-quality products and materials that are used throughout Miami and the surrounding areas. Skilled window and door contractors can view your property and offer suggestions on the best upgrades and products options to get the results you want.

You must hire a professional contractor that can answer all of your questions and guide you through the process of product selection. Signature Impact Windows & Doors has more than 15 years of experience with impact windows and doors installation. Get a quote on windows for new construction homes, or ask about financing opportunities to upgrade your existing windows.

Call Signature Impact Windows & Doors today at 305-912-7493 to request your free quote for energy-efficient impact window installation for your home or business. You may also contact us online.

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