Hurricane Doors Miami

When storms sweep through the Dade County area every year, there’s no avoiding their impact: trees and plants are shredded, lawn furniture is “relocated,” interiors are water damaged, and unprepared homes can just take a real beating. According to the Miami Dade official hurricane preparedness guide, one of the most important parts of storm preparation is securing your doors and windows – and the most efficient way of doing that is with hurricane impact resistant windows and doors.

Because winds can reach more than 157 miles per hour in a category 5 storm, ensuring that your doors will actually help protect you is essential – a few sheets of plywood or duct tape won’t make up for a bad design. If you’re wondering how to hurricane proof your front door, it starts with selecting a design specifically made to stand against these storms.

hurricane resistant sliding doors

What Are Hurricane Doors?

These well-built, specifically-designed doors have been tested to withstand higher winds and more impact events than traditional front doors. Much like hurricane impact windows, hurricane doors are:

  • Made with a layer of vinyl between glass panels.
  • Built to cause minimal damage or injury if shattered.
  • Rated to withstand certain higher wind speeds.
  • Usually installed by professionals that specialize in hurricane doors and windows.

While this clever design doesn’t affect visibility or attractiveness, this hidden inner “sandwich” layer prevents shattering if a projectile – say, for example, a piece of patio furniture that didn’t get secured – makes contact with the door. If the impact is hard enough to cause lasting damage, the glass is designed to “pebble” like auto glass, preventing sharp projectiles and injury.

How to Hurricane Proof Your Front Door

Not all front doors are created equal, and in fact only a small handful are actually designed and tested to safeguard your Miami-area home in a severe weather event. Working with a professional hurricane door installation company in Miami-Dade county is the best way to make sure you get what you need. That’s because the door itself is only part of the equation.

For true protection, you’ll also need to consider:

  • Hurricane-Resistant Hinges
  • Impact-Rated Frame Material
  • Matching Impact-Resistant Sidelights
  • Heavy-Duty Hardware (Knobs/Handles)
  • Waterproof Finishes and Materials
  • Matching Hurricane Impact Windows

If a hurricane resistant entry door alone is the only focus, water damage, breakage, or injury may result if some of these surrounding attributes and hardware pieces aren’t made-to-match. If you aren’t sure what your home needs, getting a free assessment or quote for hurricane impact door installation is a smart first step.

What About Other Hurricane Resistant Doors?

Your front door is, of course, not the only way into or out of your home or business – for visitors or storm surges. Thankfully, the team at Signature Impact Windows in Miami is pleased to offer a full range of hurricane-resistant doors and windows, including hurricane proof sliding doors, patio doors, French doors, and hurricane proof garage doors. Contact us today to get a quote, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your Miami-Dade home or building is ready for Mother Nature’s not-so-little “surprises”. Financing for hurricane windows and doors is available.