Hurricane Door Installation in Miami

Just like impact windows, hurricane-rated doors offer Miami homes and commercial buildings excellent protection against extreme storms and weather. They are robust enough to keep water out and withstand the intense strength of hurricanes. With proper entry door installation, a hurricane proof door brings added perks, such as excellent insulation against heat, soundproofing, and protection from burglars. Keep reading to learn more.

hurricane door installation

What Are Hurricane Impact Doors?

Hurricane impact entry doors are patio doors designed with special features that help protect homes and buildings from damage related to tropical storms and hurricanes. They allow homeowners and businesses to forget about protecting their doors by using plywood or storm shutters. With these doors, no additional hurricane storm preparation is required.

Hurricane doors are built with stronger glass, frames, and panels, making them exceptionally more robust than ordinary doors. They are designed to endure strong winds, water penetration, and high impact from flying storm debris. With such excellent construction, hurricane impact doors meet stringent Florida Building Code and Texas Department of Insurance requirements.

Types of Hurricane Impact Doors

Depending on the hurricane door installation project, residential owners can choose any of these popular impact door types:

Hurricane fiberglass doors

These front impact doors are made of thick fiberglass materials that give a beautiful wood appearance and unsurpassed protection against storms.

Hurricane bi-fold glass doors

These hurricane-proof sliding doors have dual-fold slider planes. They offer protection and give homes ample spaces when stacked.

Hurricane garage doors

Florida hurricane code garage doors offer top-notch protection for everything inside a garage. Look for professional garage door installers to help with hurricane garage door installation.

Hurricane-rated French doors

Hurricane impact French doors are a beautiful choice for protecting a coastal home. They are configured to swing into, or towards, a home’s exterior for extra elegance and ease of operation. Homeowners will find this hurricane impact swing door in two styles: single-hung or hurricane double doors.

Hurricane impact pivot doors

Pivot-hung doors swing on a set of pins installed at the door’s top and bottom sides. These doors offer simplicity in function and elegance from quality construction and design.

Are French Doors Hurricane proof?

A big NO. Standard French doors have multiple glass panels, making them vulnerable to hurricane damage. When flying storm debris and intense hurricane force impact get in the way of these doors, they break into small, sharp, and dangerous glass pieces. Since they can’t hurricane-proof them, homeowners need to install hurricane-rated French doors as the best alternative.

Can You Put Storm Doors On French Doors?

Yes. French door conversion kits help residential owners add storm doors to their French doors. The kits are easily adaptable for single and double-door entry applications.

Can Hurricane Impact Doors and Windows Reduce the Risk of Flooding?

Yes. Hurricane doors and windows reduce the risk of flooding. They are designed to prevent flood water from penetrating the doors and windows. Residential owners save on insurance premiums and minimize the risk of costly window damage.

Do Storm Doors Help Insulate?

Yes. Storm doors provide an additional layer of insulation to homes, making them energy-efficient. These doors help save energy by controlling home temperature, thus reducing monthly energy bills. Storm doors help reduce heat loss during winter and keep homes cool in summer.

Does a Storm Door Add Value?

Yes, storm doors add some level of value to homes. They make residential spaces attractive, improve security, and offer protection against extreme weather conditions, such as wind, rain, heat or cold. Storm doors are also energy-efficient, saving homeowners money on electrical bills.

Are Hurricane Windows and Doors Tax Deductible?

The answer is YES. Most hurricane doors and windows are Energy Star rated and compliant. Such doors and windows are energy-efficient, making homeowners eligible for tax credits. They’ll also enjoy Florida home improvement grants. There are so many reasons to seriously consider hurricane door installation for your home or business!

Who to Call for Hurricane Door Installation in Miami?

It’s definitely at Signature Impact. The company offers the best hurricane impact doors and windows to help homeowners protect their homes from severe storms and weather. Call Signature Impact at 305-912-7493 to¬†find out more¬†about their hurricane-proof door collections and styles today! You may also request a quote or contact us online. Ask us about how to get help with financing hurricane windows and doors.