Where are the Worst Places for Hurricanes in Florida?

Florida is an incredible, beautiful place to live and visit. With white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue water, and sunshine throughout almost the entire year. Citizens and travelers flock to Florida for the many amazing features it has. Florida also has a dark and rainy side that occurs during hurricane season. Some of the worst Florida hurricanes have completely devastated the state, causing millions of dollars of damage in hurricane-affected areas, as well as loss of life.

What Cities are the Worst Places for Hurricanes in Florida? Visitors and new residents come to Florida every year with many questions. But some questions are more common than others, and most newcomers are asking about what to expect during hurricane season. For example, they want to know if they are in an area often hit by hurricanes. Therefore, we have created a list of the most dangerous places for hurricanes and tropical storms in Florida.

10 Most Dangerous Cities During Hurricane Season in Florida

Here are the 10 worst places for hurricanes in Florida (according to recent history).  You will want to consider this list when contemplating moving to the Sunshine State; or planning your Florida vacations during peak hurricane season:

  1. Central Florida within the Atlantic coast — Specifically Melbourne and Cocoa Beach
  2. The Florida Keys, including Key West
  3. Southeast Florida including the following areas: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and the Palm Beaches
  4. Southwest Florida, including Fort Myers 
  5. West Florida including Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, and Clearwater
  6. South Texas Gulf coast, including Corpus Christi-Brownsville
  7. Kissimmee, Florida
  8. Fernandina Beach, Florida, and surrounding areas
  9. Lake City, Florida
  10. Naples, Florida

Great Florida Cities to Visit 

Even with the impending hurricane season upon us and reports that the damage will be potentially disastrous, it is important to understand that hurricanes and storms are never permanent and is no reason not to visit the beautiful state of Florida. During the off-season, tourists do enjoy Florida a great deal. However, with advancement in technology and storm prediction methods, hurricanes and tropical storms are predicted in plenty of time to make changes in vacation plans making it also great to visit Florida during the summertime.

Here is a List of Some of Travelers’ Favorite Florida Destinations:

Throughout these cities, knowing the worst places for hurricanes ahead of time will allow you and your family and traveling groups to safely and happily enjoy visiting Florida. So go ahead and make your travel plans to include anything and everything from lake life and recreational activities, to visiting Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando.

How to Handle Hurricanes if You are New to Florida

BEWARE: Experts Expect an Increase in Hurricanes

Storm experts believe that hurricanes in Florida will increase with major activity within the next year. Hurricanes that hit Florida recently have been low, but over the next decade or two, it is projected for the hurricanes to increase in magnitude to a scale we haven’t seen or experienced before. Therefore, it’s now more important than ever for residents to begin taking hurricane storm prep more serious (especially in the most commonly hurricane affected areas).

What to Do During a Hurricane?

The real question should be, ‘What can you do to prepare for a hurricane ahead of time?“. Because how you prepare ahead of a storm will make all of the difference in the world in what your storm experience will be like. And if you have children that are depending on you for their comfort during a storm, this is even more important to realize. There are many things you can do ahead of a hurricane or tropical storm to make everyone in your home more at ease.

How to Be Prepared for a Hurricane Ahead of Time

Are Your Windows and Doors Resistant to Florida’s Dangerous Storms?

The most important aspect of hurricane safety includes installing hurricane resistant windows and doors before hurricane season. Half the battle of making it through Florida’s severe thunderstorms and hurricanes is preparing your home or building to be resistant from the impact. If you choose to install impact windows and doors before Hurricane Season begins, the only preparation for storms you will need to do is collect storm prep essentials and  to take care of preparing the outside of your home or building.

Hurricane Resistant Windows Do More Than Just Keep the Storm Out

Below are some of the benefits of installing storm proof windows and doors:

Another benefit of installing windows and doors that are resistant to Florida hurricanes is YOU CAN SEE THROUGH THEM. Unlike boards and hurricane shutters, impact windows and doors are created to be translucent. This allows the light to come through! And this specific feature can make the world a whole lot brighter in the midst of a hurricane or storm. Any Florida resident or visitor who has experienced going through one of these storms will surely confess to the depression and difficulties making it through several days of living in the dark. Flashlights and battery operated candles can be used, but light will still be limited. Also, if you are without power for several days (maybe weeks) the hurricane impact windows and doors help to keep out the strong UV rays. This will help to keep your home cooler during that chapter.

A third way impact windows and doors will protect you and your home during a hurricane is these windows and doors also help to keep burglars and intruders away should you have to evacuate.

If you’re reading this and you have found yourself already in hurricane season and need a quick fix, it is important to have windows boarded or shuttered and a storm kit ready to go in case of an emergency. Items in a backpack include band aids, a change of clothes, non-perishable goods like canned goods, granola bars, etc., a sleeping bag, emergency cash, a copy of any kind of identification cards, and sealed, bottled water.

The Bottom Line

Whether your live in one of the worst places for hurricanes in Florida or not, if you live in Florida (period), it is not only critically important to install impact windows and doors in your home and/or business. IT’S SMART!  Not only will impact windows help keep flying debris, rain, and objects coming in from the outside, but it will also protect your home at the most vulnerable points, the thresholds. Call Signature Impact Windows and Doors at 305-912-7493 to get your free consultation and see how installing hurricane impact windows and doors will benefit your home or business before hurricane season even starts.