Selecting the Right Impact Resistant Glass for Your Home or Business

Do you own a business? Are you looking to create more security in your home? Luckily it doesn’t take hundreds of thousands of dollars to install the most top of the line, high-tech security impact window and door system. Instead, simple steps like installing impact proof glass is a reasonable and extremely effective way to boost home and business security.

Once the decision has been made to install impact resistant glass, it’s best to select the right kind the first time! This can seem overwhelming to a person who doesn’t have a lot of experience in the glass arena or buying windows and doors.

Worry not, this article will describe how to select windows with impact resistant glass and go over the choices you can make.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Impact Resistant Glass for Windows and Doors in Florida:

1. Select Between Laminated or Insulated Glass

The first step in your glass selection process is to choose between laminated glass or insulated glass. What is the difference? For one, they are thicker and more impact resistant than a typical piece of industrial glass. They both provide security, protection from elements, and can be tempered and designed to fit just about any space.

Laminated glass is comprised of two sheets of glass bound together to create a protective layer and improve thickness. This type of glass is perfect for businesses and homes that are prone to severe weather like hurricanes, tropical storms, heavy wind, and rainfall, as well as tornadoes.

Laminated glass also protects people, homes and buildings from harmful UV rays by providing a tint to the glass. This type of impact resistant glass reduces noise from the outside, provides insulation to keep homes and businesses cool (or warm), while also providing extra security.

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Insulated laminated glass has an extra single pane of glass that is filled with gas or sealed air in between sheets. This serves as insulation to regulate temperature from the inside of a home to the outside, making it perfect for homes and businesses with extreme cold or extreme heat.

2. Pick Between LoE Coating and Glass Tint

Tinted impact resistant glass is the best option for homeowners and business owners looking to create more cost-effective choices for energy efficient buildings and homes. Tint allows for most (averaging 99%) of harmful UV rays to be blocked by absorbing the solar radiation and blocking light transfer. Tinting is a great way to further block light and absorb light and heat.

For example, a blue and green tinted window will cause a room to have more light and less heat. A gray bronze tint blocks absorption of light and heat equally. Blue and green will reflect similar colors into a room while gray and bronze create a more neutral tone when light shines through.

LoE Glass uses a coating on an internal surface of the glass that separates heat energy away from light energy. Heat is reflected back to the source, and a shortwave or light energy is able to pass through. These high-performance coatings are a great option for the want/need for more natural light without the transfer of too much heat.


Whatever choice you make for impact resistant glass for your new windows and doors, you will be confident with Signature Impact Windows and Doors at your service. Financing impact windows and doors is easy! For more information, give us a call at 305-912-7493, request a quote online or browse through more of our blogs and articles for inspiration.