How to Maintain and Clean Impact Windows

If you live in Miami, Florida by the ocean, then you know that life can be full of fun and joy. From busking in the beautiful sunshine to taking a stroll around the beach daily, and breathing in the warm scents in the ocean air—beach life can be pleasurable. However, even with such an exciting and entertaining environment, there comes times in the year when you will have to contend with strong storms and hurricanes.

When the storm season kicks in, protecting your little shelter or home become of vital concern and imperative to you. Fortunately enough, Signature Impact Windows & Doors Florida, are here to offer the city’s residents with the top-notch impact windows ever.

In our previous blog post, we presented you with the many benefits and advantages of installing impact windows in your home or shelter in Miami. Here below we will shed some light upon their maintenance and cleaning.

Impact Windows Miami Cleaning and maintenance

There is a need for your impact windows Miami to be kept clean and safe at all times. Impact-resistant windows and hurricane resistant windows are meant to be very durable and safe. Their respective purpose is defeated if they are not handled and treated with care. You should give critical attention to the cleaning and maintenance your impact windows Miami so they may look beautiful and last longer.

Most customers are left dumbfounded when they lack the knowledge as to how to maintain and clean their impact windows. Some of the specific challenges that many people often encounter include the determination of what cleaning products to use and the ones to avoid. The other point of concern is whether the procedure for cleaning the interior of the impact windows is the same as the one for the exterior.

Signature Impact Windows & Doors Florida brings you guidelines and suggestions straight from the impact windows Miami manufacturer’s experience. We hope that these insights will ensure the longevity and protection of your in-house impact window system in Miami.


Cleaning Window and Door Frames

Your impact window frames should be cleaned regularly using mild soap and water. Before you use the cleaning solution, it is important to apply it to a small area of the frame to observe whether it will damage it or not. We recommend that you observe the following dos and don’ts if you were to maintain clean and safe impact windows Miami:

  • Do not make adjustments to the design of the impact window frame or attach anything without consulting your window expert first.
  • Do not use any harsh solvent, cleaner, or oil-based lubricants in cleaning your impact windows.
  • Do check the sills and locks.
  • Do use a soft cloth and clean water when cleaning the frames.
  • Do check weather stripping or the seals.

Cleaning the Impact Windows Glass

Most impact windows Miami are typically single-paned. Because of this, condensation can occur. There is no need for you to be concerned whenever this happens especially if the temperature differences (outside and inside the room) are extreme. You can minimize the negative impacts of condensation on your impact windows Miami by opening the window a little to ensure constant air circulation. Other options include using a dehumidifier, shift to double pane impact windows, or installing an exhaust fan. Some dos and don’ts for glass cleaning and maintenance include:

  • Do not use a high-pressure nozzle or washer to clean the glass.
  • Do not use anything sharp when cleaning the impact window.
  • Do clean the screen separate from the window glass.
  • Do use mild soap and clean water.

How to Clean and Maintain Your Impact Windows Miami?

If you want your impact windows to be in perfect condition after cleaning, forget about using blue glass cleaner. Blue glass cleaner has a distinctive color which makes it appealing to the eye thereby, giving you the impression that it is efficient and potent. Instead of this, you can use common kitchen ingredients to concoct a better and safer cleaning solution for your impact windows Miami.

The key to an ideal cleaning remedy for glass is ensuring you use just the right amount of soap. This will allow you to avoid getting suds. When suds stick on your impact windows, they create a filter that coats the glass. You are advised to add more soap only in cases when your impact windows are particularly grimy and dirty.

These ingredients include

  • 1 tablespoon of mild soap
  • a quarter cup of vinegar
  • a pint of rubbing alcohol
  • half a cup of ammonia
  • 2 quarts of warm water.

Remember, it is not advisable to use paper towels in cleaning your impact windows Miami. It’s not only too costly but also it is not the ideal tool for the job. A more feasible alternative would be a clean lint-free cloth, squeegee, or a sea sponge. If you have a clean diaper, it can also do the job perfectly. This option is particularly recommendable given that it’s environmentally friendly.