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How Tinted Hurricane Windows Improve Homes and Buildings

Window Tinting for Homes and Businesses

Although our region is considered ‘paradise’, the inside of our Miami homes and buildings are constantly fighting the hot sun the majority of the year. Many homeowners and commercial businesses struggle to find ways to reduce the intense glare and decrease energy bills. Most enjoy the sunshine outdoors; but would agree that keeping indoors cool is highly preferred.

Hurricane Tinted Windows

The number one way to reduce sunlight indoors is with window tinting. For premium protection from UV rays, and the best way to lower energy bills in Miami, is with hurricane windows. Standard tinted windows do not provide anywhere near the type of protection  hurricane windows do from UV rays or energy efficiency.

What is the Difference between Tinted Hurricane Windows and Standard Windows?

Standard windows are typically manufactured with just single-pane or double-pane glass. They have no special coatings or treatments to block UV rays without an added applied coating after production. Hurricane windows are manufactured with built-in UV protection specifically intended for helping homes to avoid the negative effects of the sun’s rays.

The features of hurricane windows, such as low-emissivity (aka: low-E) glass coatings help to block a portion of UV rays. Low-E coatings also help to reflect infrared heat and is a significant advantage for keeping homes and buildings much cooler than any type of added tinting on standard windows. Hurricane windows are also made with laminated or tempered glass that is another layer of UV protection.

The frames used to make these windows also add to their resilience to hot temperatures and the sun’s intense glare. Many hurricane window frames include insulation properties that work to reduce the transfer of heat between the interior and exterior of the structure. Tight seals are also implemented to prevent air from leaking. Because of the premium quality of how hurricane windows are manufactured, there is a less frequent need for maintenance or replacement.

Benefits of Window Tinting for Homes and Buildings

Tinted hurricane windows in a home or building offer the following benefits:

Reduces the Need for Lowering Your A/C Thermostat

Homeowners and businesses who have already installed hurricane windows in Miami and the surrounding areas confess to the many advantages. One of the most common mentions is the way these products reduce energy bills by keeping the indoors much cooler. Those who had tried tinting standard windows prior to installing hurricane windows agree that there is a significant difference with hurricane window UV reduction opposed to regular windows with tinting.

Reduces Glare

Hurricane window tinting is intense enough to cut back on the glare from the sun when watching television, working on a computer, or simply trying to get some shut eye.

Prevents Color Fading

Another frequent comment from customers (who have had their windows and doors for a while) is how the UV protection from hurricane windows prevents discoloration on floors, furniture, and other personal belongings over time. This is another way these products help to save money!

Onlookers Can’t See Inside

There are different levels of tinting available for hurricane windows, but even the slightest tint will decrease the ability for neighbors, pedestrians, or anyone driving by from seeing inside.

Increased Security

As mentioned above, all types of window tinting will increase a window’s ability to resist breakage. Nonetheless, there are no stronger windows than hurricane impact windows. These windows and doors are built to withstand hurricane force winds. Therefore, homeowners and businesses can rest assured that their structure is much more secure when installing hurricane windows and doors.

Other Advantages to Installing Hurricane Windows in Miami

The benefits of installing hurricane windows in Miami (and throughout South Florida) don’t stop with UV ray protection and security.  These windows and doors are built for privacy! When you choose to install hurricane windows and doors, you will be blocking out exterior sounds, such as traffic, barking dogs, intense storms, and those annoying neighbors.

Hurricane windows and doors will also help to improve the look of any home or building and increase its value. As a matter of fact, insurance premiums are often reduced by adding these products due to their ability to protect. There are also Florida grants and tax deductions available.

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