When it comes to the protection of a home or business from the catastrophic consequences of a hurricane, no one installs hurricane impact windows and doors better than Signature Impact. We are able to offer the very best in impact-resistant windows and doors.  Based out of Miami, we have the expertise and the experience to install exactly the right stormproof products to ensure that your family or livelihood is safeguarded against the very worst that mother nature has to offer.

Are Impact Windows Worth it?

We want you to feel confident that with Signature Impact, you are getting the premier home improvement necessary to protect the structural integrity of your home. Few things are more unpredictable than a high-velocity hurricane zone, where wind speeds reach in excess of 140 mph.

When it comes to such dangerous circumstances as hurricanes and storms, the majority of actual damage to houses and business is caused as a result of the structure having an impact point fracture, such as a broken door or window. These create openings for rapid air movement and massively destructive pressure equalizations, the type that implode inside of buildings with the force of a bomb, easily capable of tearing the roof off of a structure.

Do Hurricane Impact Windows Work?

It is vital to be informed about how safe impact resistant windows really are. We understand that when it comes to storm protection, you have a variety of options, from aluminum shutters to steel storm guards. However, none of those choices protect the actual cause of the problem, which is the fragile glass in your windows and doors.

These chinks in the armor are the Achilles heels that are often overlooked. There is not a storm shutter on earth capable of protecting your glass windows from the devastating forces unleashed during a hurricane. Only impact-resistant glass is up to the task of ensuring your family’s safety during these torrential storms.

Why Choose Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors?

Our impact resistant windows and doors help keep you safe even during clear skies and calm winds. Considered forced-entry resistant by insurance companies, our impact glass windows are a powerful deterrent against property break-ins. There is truly more than one benefit you will experience when you choose to arm your home with storm protection.

Our windows and doors are impact resistant, meaning whether there are high winds or blunt force applied to your home, you can rest assured your home is protected against the elements and against crime. With impact doors and windows, you are also protecting your home or business from unwanted intruders.

Simply put, there is just no easy way inside a home or business protected by our impact resistant windows and doors, and the premium savings passed onto you by insurance agencies are a direct reflection of the wise choice you are making when you install a Signature Impact product.

What are the Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows?

There are many benefits of impact windows and doors (besides the obvious benefit of storm protection). Impact windows provide better insulation, keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, as well as proven UV protection from the unseen dangers of direct sunlight. The sound dampening qualities of impact glass windows means that outside noises from the street or neighbors are significantly reduced as well, with an up to 40% reduction in unwanted noise.

Installing Impact Windows and Doors

Signature Impact Windows is proud to offer cost-effective impact window and door solutions for any budget without sacrificing on the safety of your family or business. With 100% financing for impact windows options available, making the choice to upgrade has never been easier. Call us at  305-912-7493 or request a quote online today!