Hurricane Windows Do More than Just Protect

If you live or own a business in an area, like Florida (where tropical storms and hurricanes occur multiple times a year), it is important to implement strategies to protect your home or commercial building from natural disasters. The good news is, many (if not all) insurance agencies give breaks and discounts to homeowners and businesses who take protective and preventive measures year-round.

As we all know, the insurance industry is full of discounts; from safe driving discounts to bundled protection insurance. While many of us are familiar with car insurance and the discounts a driver can get by driving saf; the small discounts that a home or commercial building owner can receive for installing products that encourage a safe structure exist too.

You may be asking yourself, “What exactly needs to be implemented or installed into a home or building to save money on property insurance?”. This article explores just how to find discounts and savings in your insurance plan. It will also include information about the areas of your home or building that will benefit from the protection these discounts apply to.

How Hurricane Windows Reduce Insurance Costs

If you’ve ever asked yourself “does property insurance cover windows,” the answer, is — yes!

While a majority of homeowners and businesses have some level of insurance; it is most important for the those who live in areas prone to natural disasters and extreme weather to ensure their properties are well protected. But the fact is, these property owners will receive larger discounts for installing items like impact-resistant hurricane windows that will better ensure protection!

Where Do I Find a Discount from Hurricane Windows?

If you work with a licensed insurance agent (especially in hurricane or natural disaster-prone areas), your agent will know about how hurricane impact windows help save on insurance costs.

In many states, like Florida, savings discounts are legally required to be offered to homeowners and businesses who invest in and install items, such as impact resistant doors and windows, to protect against potential critical damage that can occur during a storm or hurricane.

But, why windows and doors? Windows are one of the highest ranked items for property owners to replace in hurricane-prone areas. Because with high impact windows, structures are much safer because these resilient products are effective. This is especially true if a licensed an experienced company is doing the installations. Impact-resistant doors are also important; as they provide a second layer of protection for some of the largest openings in a home or commercial business.

On Average, How Much Money Can a Homeowner Save?

Every month, property owners have statistically shown that they save a few hundred dollars per month on their discounts and offers through insurance by installing impact-resistant windows. When you take a few hundred dollars a month and spread it over twelve months, it adds up to approximately $10,000 – $12,000 per year, and that is a low-end estimate.

In addition to how hurricane impact windows help save on insurance costs, in the case of a particularly bad storm season, you could be saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on ‘after the storm’ repairs, maintenance on the exterior, and damage to the interior of the structure. Any inferior openings pose a threat to hurricanes, wind storms, snow, sleet, hail, and even intruders. The more protection your home or building has, the more money you will save in the long run.

Why Choose Signature Impact Windows and Doors?

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